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Boy uses birthday to raise money for Jays Care

Meet Maxwell.

Maxwell celebrated his sixth birthday last year, and he generously chose Jays Care Foundation as his charity of choice. Through ECHOage, Maxwell was able to raise $280 for Jays Care "Maxwell's Whimz Birthday Celebration."

"I chose Jays Care Foundation for my ECHOage party because I love sports and helping kids," said Maxwell. "When [my family] lived in England, my mom volunteered at a charity. I would donate my toys and winter clothes to the kids who were supported by her charity. Sometimes, I would go in with her to meet and play with the kids. It made me feel so good to help them, and they were so happy to get new things. I now know how good it feels to help kids who are not as lucky as I am and who love sports as much as I do."

ECHOage strives to provide a "unique and effortless" way to celebrate occasions while providing valuable donations for charities. Children -- and adults -- chose a charity of their choice, providing donations from well-wishers rather than receiving small, individual gifts, while still receiving a small amount of large, lasting, meaningful gifts.

Maxwell eventually settled on buying an indoor basketball hoop and basketball, a baseball hat, a foosball table and two Skylanders.

"It was great going shopping with my mom for my own presents," said Maxwell. "We took a few weeks to buy things, as I really had to focus on what I wanted. But it was exciting to pick them out and then buy them with the money my friends donated."

Congratulations, Maxwell, on both your sixth birthday and your donation to Jays Care Foundation.

To hold your own ECHOage celebration in support of Jays Care Foundation, visit:

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