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McCann stands by his reaction to Gomez

ATLANTA -- When Brian McCann returned to Turner Field on Thursday afternoon, he remained confident that he reacted appropriately to Carlos Gomez's animated home run trot that led to a benches-clearing confrontation with the Brewers on Wednesday night.

"In the heat of the moment, I did what I thought was right," McCann said. "I stand by what I did. I'm sticking up for this team. That's a part of baseball. Reading what he said last night, I think he agrees with it."

When Gomez admired the first-inning home run he hit off Paul Maholm, McCann yelled some choice words that essentially equated to "run." Gomez then continued to yell at Maholm in response to the fact that the Atlanta left-hander had hit him with a pitch on June 23.

This led to what caught the attention of the baseball world. Incensed by what he was witnessing, McCann moved approximately 10 feet up the third-base line and waited for Gomez. The heated, nose-to-nose argument that ensued led to the benches-clearing incident that prevented Gomez from ever touching the plate. He was awarded the run because of the obstruction rule.

"He rounded third base and was still yelling," McCann said. "I was furious. I don't even know what happened after that. I can watch it, but that's just what happened.

"If you want to sit there and watch [a home run] for a few seconds, I'm OK with that. But to yell the whole way around the bases, I just felt like I needed to say something. I don't think that is part of the game of baseball. I thought he showed up our whole team. So I did what I felt any catcher would do in that situation, and that is sticking up for his team."

This marked the second time in two weeks that the Braves were involved in a benches-clearing incident. McCann also had words with Jose Fernandez after the Marlins rookie pitcher admired his first career home run and then completed his own animated home run trot on Sept. 11 at Marlins Park.

Fernandez was upset that Evan Gattis had admired a home run he had hit off him during the previous half-inning. McCann maintained a controlled tone as he talked to Fernandez. Such was not the case with Gomez.

Gomez has since said that he understood McCann's reaction. In a similar manner, the Braves catcher said he still respects Gomez's tremendous talent as a player.

"I think he's a great baseball player," McCann said. "He's an exciting baseball player to watch. I just think last night, to be screaming around the bases, I just took exception to it."

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