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Wells looking for insight into eye woes

PHILADELPHIA -- Outfielder Casper Wells hopes to get some advice from Braves hitters Brian McCann and Freddie Freeman this weekend.

McCann and Freeman dealt with vision problems in the past, perhaps similar to the "dry eye" Wells has experienced, a condition that has put him on the disabled list and that he believes could be a complication from LASIK surgery.

"I'm curious to see what they say, because it seems like they're over it and they're swinging the bat pretty well," Wells said of the Atlanta pair. "There was a time of frustration with them."

Wells went just 1-for-23 with the Phillies before he landed on the DL.

"He admitted to me that he was playing with, a lot of times, a blurred type of vision, and it would come and go," interim manager Ryne Sandberg said. "It came and went on how he blinked, if he blinked and it cleared or if he blinked and it didn't. He didn't know. Not only do I feel for him, but it was dangerous. Sounds like he's gotten some answers and he's working on some things. It was good for him to get that help and see somebody. Came down to some eye drops to get rid of the dry eye that he was having."

Todd Zolecki is a reporter for
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