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d'Arnaud bros reunite in City of Brotherly Love

Chase strikes out for Phillies with Travis behind the plate for Mets

PHILADELPHIA -- After having breakfast with their parents, the d'Arnaud brothers decided to split a cab as they headed to work. They are sharing an office together for a few days this week, after all.

A few hours later they saw each other again, this time at home plate at Citizens Bank Park during the Phillies' 4-3 win against the Mets on Tuesday. For the first time in their careers, Chase d'Arnaud and Travis d'Arnaud played against each other in a Major League game. When Chase got called upon to pinch-hit for the Phillies in the seventh inning, Travis was behind the plate for the Mets.

"I was smiling the whole time," Chase said. "It was special, it was cool. We've grown up next to each other our whole lives and there we were on a Major League Baseball field."

Travis, the younger brother by two years, ultimately got the best of Chase in the matchup. Jon Niese struck out the elder d'Arnaud on five pitches -- and he had some advanced scouting on Chase, even if the information was a bit dated.

Cut4: d'Arnaud brothers meet at the plate for first time in their MLB careers

"I still vividly remember being 6 and 8 [years old], playing tape ball in the driveway and knowing that I could throw that back-door two-seam to him," Travis said.

"Fortunately, Niese was able to execute a couple of those on that front hip. In tape ball, that moved like five feet, so I had a little advantage against him. I pitched against him, so it was fun."

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The brothers were not in this position since they were both playing in the South Atlantic League in 2009, and they soaked in the moment with a short chat before Chase stepped in the box. Travis told Chase that if he reached base, he better try to steal. Chase jokingly asked if he could groove him a pitch.

There was not quite that much brotherly love on a misty night in South Philadelphia, though.

"In these circumstances where we're up by a couple runs, and they want to get home-field advantage playing the Dodgers," Chase said, "I wasn't expecting him to do me a favor."

As for what Chase said after he struck out: "I'm going to keep that between me and him," Travis said with a laugh.

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