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D-backs skipper reflects on time with Roberts

LOS ANGELES -- Arizona manager Kirk Gibson had nice things to say about Tampa Bay infielder Ryan Roberts after the Rays' recent visit to play the D-backs.

"He played hard, he was good. I remember we sent him down one time, I was the bench coach, and he said he was going to quit," Gibson said. "Then I talked to him and his wife, Kim, and said, 'You might want to rethink that. I know you're disappointed but the big leagues aren't the only place to be right now. You have a good future ahead of you if you stick in there. I think you'll be happy that you did so.'

"Ultimately he didn't hang 'em up, but he was still emotional about being sent down that day. It was in the middle of the season. It's disappointing but there are a lot of guys that go to the Minor Leagues and do well down there then are back in the big leagues again. Just because you're here and you get sent down, doesn't mean your career is over. It shouldn't mean that."

Gibson addressed what it takes for a player to stick it out like Roberts did.

"Just have a good attitude about it and believe in themselves," Gibson said. "You have to want it. You have to have other people who encourage you to continue, too. Why give in? You only have a limited opportunity to do this in your life. Once you give it up, that's a great opportunity gone. Those guys have a great attitude every day."

Roberts smiled on Friday when asked about his moment with Gibson.

"That's exactly what happened," Roberts said.

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