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Doolittle, A's honor veterans on Memorial Day

OAKLAND -- Major League Baseball tipped its cap to veterans and serving members of America's armed forces on Memorial Day Monday, as all 30 teams took the field wearing camouflage-styled uniforms and hats.

The holiday means a great deal to A's reliever Sean Doolittle, whose father is a retired Air Force veteran and whose stepmother is still on active duty for the National Guard.

Doolittle has become very involved with organizations like GovX, Freedom Alliance and Operation Finally Home, which all focus on helping veterans upon coming back to their home soil. The A's, Doolittle and GovX have teamed up to host "Salute to Service Sundays" which feature discounted tickets and special recognition for veterans.

"They're coming back with a lot of different types of injuries -- ones you can see and the PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] and other things that you can't," Doolittle said. "They're trying to get reacclimated to civilian life, and for a lot of them it's really hard, it's a struggle. It's nice that we're remembering them today. I hope that over the coming years, Major League Baseball continues to do stuff like this so we can bring awareness and help them out a little bit more."

Alex Espinoza is a contributor to
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