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Mark Grace chats with fans on Facebook

Mark Grace is pinch-chatting for Derrick Hall this month on another #DbacksTBT, presented by Chase.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Hey fans, it's Mark here. Don't come in here weak. Give me good questions. I have high expectations!

Renea Morgan: Do you aspire to be a manager eventually? Loved you since San Diego days!

Arizona Diamondbacks: Managers jobs are very difficult to get. At one time I would've said yes, but at this time I'm really happy with what I'm doing.

Noah Koch: Which hitter on the team do you think has improved the most since the start of the season?

Arizona Diamondbacks: Yasmany Tomas. He wasn't quite ready to break with the big league club when the season started and here we are since June he's been the anchor of the middle of our lineup.

Mike Chickenhead: Mark, favorite team to play for Cubs or D-backs? And why?

Arizona Diamondbacks: My best individual years were with the Chicago Cubs. That's where I won my 4 Gold Gloves and had the most hits in the '90s. By far the best teams I ever played on were with the Arizona Diamondbacks. I was fortunate to play with three Hall of Famers - Maddux, Sandberg and Dawson - with the Cubs and Randy Johnson and some other great players with the D-backs. I was on quite a few bad teams in Chicago, so great individual memories in Chicago and great team memories here in Arizona.

Heather Jones: In baseball, who has influenced you the most?

Arizona Diamondbacks: As an adolescent it was my father. He instilled the love of the game and the drive and the will. From high school on, I was coached by a lot of great people, but my two biggest influences were Keith Hernandez and George Brett. I watched them as much as I could and tried to emulate them as a hitter. I don't think any of us could quite emulate George Brett, but I think Keith and I had comparable careers. They were my idols and hopefully some young kids felt the same way about me.

Lynn Miller: No question, just want to say how happy we are to see you doing good and back with our D-backs!

Arizona Diamondbacks: Thanks so much. It's great to be back in uniform. I loved the broadcasting gig, but nothing can replace the adrenaline rush that a Major League dugout brings.

Sean Rambaran: Which teammate of yours was the most fun in the clubhouse?

Arizona Diamondbacks: Gonzo, Matt Williams, Brian McCrae, Tony Womack and Shawon Dunston, who was probably the funniest human being I've ever met.

Cindy Carpenter: How do you and Turner interact working with hitters? Do you work with certain players based on their style? Despite your humility, I always felt confident when you were up and I feel like you are influencing our guys on consistency. Good to see you Gracie always.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Turner is a great hitting coach. He has a great hitting mind and he and I don't believe in cloning hitters. We believe in their individuality. And we try to make them great their way, not our way.

Mike Turner: What was your favorite home run, your first ever big league home run or the upper deck shot in the World Series at Yankee stadium?

Arizona Diamondbacks: Probably the upper deck shot at Yankee Stadium during the World Series even though we lost. El Duque knows my name.

Patricia A Jordan: Love ya Mark. Where do you see the snakes say in the next 5 years? Are they building another WS org? Will you be a part of it, and how?

Arizona Diamondbacks: We're making strides on a daily basis. We have 5 rookies in the starting lineup, A.J. Pollock has just over 2 years and Paul Goldschmidt is Jesus Christ in a baseball uniform. We're young, but we're improving on a daily basis. Young players make mistakes, but our young players seem to learn from those mistakes pretty quickly. Win or lose, I want to be a part of this organization.

Nicole Osuch: Hi Mark. I was at the 8-9-88 game. Does that date ring a bell for you? So happy you're back in the dugout.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Yep, when I got the first hit in a night game at Wrigley Field. It was off Sid Fernandez of the New York Mets. I still have that ball.

Brian Hall: The majority of the team can learn from your temperament and personality, and many times we can see that with the hitters. Do you ever take time to coach pitchers, not with their mechanics but on their mental state of mind? If not we wish you would!

Arizona Diamondbacks: No, I don't know much about pitching and I don't really want to know much about pitching. And let's keep it that way!

Michael Smith: Do you still have superstitions before and during a game that you must do?

Arizona Diamondbacks: Absolutely. If we lose, I take a different route to the ballpark. If we win, I take the same route. If things aren't going well, I'll move to a different part of the dugout. If things are going well, I'll stay put.

Kelly Elmore: Love your sense of humor. Still remember the day you imitated Fetters, I still laugh to this day. What was your favorite joke or prank you played back when your were playing on the D-backs?

Arizona Diamondbacks: The hot foot was always good, but it's a lost art. One time we had B.K. Kim fake-arrested in Chicago. He didn't speak any English and I thought he had tears in his eyes when they were leading him out of the clubhouse. He laughed once it was over. All in good fun.

Michael Rodgers: Mark, did you draw that chalk outline of Randy Johnson's body the day after he went sprawling rounding first base?

Arizona Diamondbacks: No, that wasn't me, but I wish I had thought of it!

Terri Marotto Atkins: Love seeing you back where you belong Gracie! Will you ever come out before the game for pictures and autographs?

Arizona Diamondbacks: Yes, I'm out there all the time!

Karlene Charlie Clark: Has your perspective of the game changed from this side of the isle?

Arizona Diamondbacks: What I've noticed with the game is it's more difficult to hit now than it was in my era. Pitchers throw so much harder and the pitching is a lot better. It used to be rare to see a guy throwing in the high 90s and now it seems every team has guys that do. When one of our guys has a difficult game, I have to remember that it's a lot harder now. The pitching talent is just so good.

Alex Valenzuela First ... You're the coolest Gracie! I ran into you at a restaurant and you took the time to say "hi". I'll never forget that. Question: Little League to big league ... Besides keeping your eye on the ball, what's another vital piece of advice you can give a hitter? The simpler the better.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Listen to your coaches. They're older than you, they're smarter than you and they want nothing but good things for you. So please listen to them!

Chris Dennis: Do you prefer the purple and teal or the red and black?

Arizona Diamondbacks: The purple and teal will always be in my blood, but I enjoy wearing these colors too.

Brad Hammer: If you didn't go into baseball, what career would you have done?

Arizona Diamondbacks: I would have probably tried to do something with sports, either in broadcasting or writing, maybe an anchor. I'm such a sports fan, I would have tried to do something where I could talk or write about it.

Arizona Diamondbacks:That's all the time that I have. Time to get back to work. Thanks for asking so many great questions. I look forward to seeing you at Chase Field soon!

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