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Mets fans experience roller coaster of emotion

Blue-and-orange crowd gathers at Manhattan watering hole

NEW YORK -- To be a fly on the wall at the Playwright Irish Pub in midtown Manhattan, the liveliest spot for Mets fans to congregate this fall, was to witness a tense and eventually disappointing night, and one devoid of elbow room.

Mets fans packed the Playwright to capacity Tuesday night to watch Game 1 of the World Series, which the Mets lost to the Royals, 5-4, in 14 innings. Most of the fans were sporting the orange and blue, in crowds that stretched the bar's limitations.

"Busy night," owner John Doherty said.

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Last week, Playwright was crowded with Mets fans for Game 3 of the National League Championship Series. But Doherty was able to reserve a table, or two even, that night for a reporter planning to swing by to capture the scene. Not so much Tuesday. Not a single table was open for more than an hour before first pitch.

It isn't every day the Mets are in the World Series.

"We've been here every night," said Alyssa King, of Astoria. "I grew up waiting for this."

Prior to the postseason, Playwright bartender Kiealy Hajnoczi coordinated drink promotions with Darren Meenan, founder of the famed Mets super-fan group The 7 Line. Fans have been filling the Playwright ever since, being treated to free drinks starting an hour before first pitch and special deals after that.

Tuesday turned into Wednesday, and most Mets fans stayed at the bar until the bitter end.

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"I'm 40 years old, I've been waiting so long for something like this," said Lenny Krapt, of Brooklyn. "I can't take it. My wife told me not to come, but I can't miss this."

What follows is an oral history of sorts, chronicling how the Mets' heartbreaking loss in Kansas City played out in Manhattan. Call it "Overheard at Playwright."

1st inning: "Where is Cespedes?" (After center fielder Yoenis Cespedes didn't appear during pregame introductions.)

2nd inning: "What are you swinging at?"

3rd inning: "Lets go Mets! Lets go Mets!"

4th inning: "The Mets need to steal immediately!" (After Salvador Perez was hit on the hand with a foul ball.)

5th inning: "We want SNY! We want SNY!" (When the FOX broadcast cut out.)

6th inning: Dead silence after the Royals tied the game at 3.

7th inning: "Where's [Matt] Harvey? He only threw 80 pitches!"

8th inning: "This is so stressful! … Oh, my God!" … Bring in [Jeurys] Familia! Yes! Three more outs!"

9th inning: Obscenities.

10th inning: "Ryan Madson is a Phillie! Deep breaths, deep breaths …"

11th inning: "We're winning this!"

12th inning: "Bartolo!" (When reliever Bartolo Colon came in.)

13th inning: "This is too stressful!"

14th inning: "See you tomorrow."

Joe Trezza is an associate reporter for
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