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Murphy talks new position, leading the Padres

Padres interim manager Pat Murphy stopped by Padres Social Hour for the first time on Wednesday since taking the helm for the Friars, and Murphy was happy to discuss his first few weeks as the Padres manager and his thoughts on the whirlwind journey he has enjoyed - or endured - up to this point. "It's been a great two weeks," said Murphy. "I've just constantly been trying to think of a way to make things better… 'Settled in' isn't the phrase I would use to describe these last two weeks, but I've been surrounded by a lot of great people. I'm learning more and more every day."

Murphy, who was named the Padres interim manager on June 16th, has had a lot of expectation and drive for success thrust upon him in the last two weeks. So what is Murphy's biggest approach when heading into the clubhouse? "There's a lot going on. My big thing is that I want the players to get comfortable. I want the players to find themselves and I want them to play their best baseball all together, and do something special."

Although the Padres have played some hard fought battles and suffered some heartbreaking losses recently, Murphy remains optimistic about the team's future: "I'm still that crazy where I think you can still do really special things with ordinary people. I want to get to that point where I can have that impact and have this thing go the way we want to go and give San Diego something they haven't had in a long time."

To hear more about Murphy's approach to managing, how his minor league and college coaching experiences have helped him and how being a manager has impacted parts of his personal life, then be sure to watch the entire interview! And for more interviews, highlights and Padres content just like this, be sure to check out

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