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Oct. 10 Miguel Cabrera postgame interview

Q.  Miguel, we haven't seen you turn on a ball like that in a while. Were you sitting on a particular pitch from Gray or just a pitch you were able to react to?

MIGUEL CABRERA: No, no react. I mean, you have to do what you can do. We know that we're able to win. So we go out there trying to do our job. Doesn't matter what people say, doesn't matter what they are going to say about you. You gotta go out there and play your game.

Q. Miguel, was that as good as you've seen Verlander? Right up there?

MIGUEL CABRERA: He's one of the best pitchers in the game. He wins the Cy Young one year, he have an amazing year last year. He pass this year. That's Verlander.

Q. What did you notice in the difference between Sonny Gray Game 2 and tonight?

MIGUEL CABRERA: To me, he's a great pitcher. First time we see him, he pitched excellent game. We able today to be patient, try to not make mistake, try to wait and swing our pitch. We got three runs support and Benoit finish the game.

Q. You seem a little tired. Can you describe the effort to carry yourself through a series like this, what you're dealing with, all that effort to get up to get your body prepared to play three and a half hours? Is that difficult?

MIGUEL CABRERA: I mean, we're here in the playoffs, man. I said before, everybody talk about what's going on with me, you know, everybody can talk what they can talk. I want to do my job, man. I want to be with the team. I want to play with my heart.

We in good position. We got to come through like a team together and go out there on fire. And it's like a puzzle. You never know when it's going to be your last. And you got to go out there and fight to win.

Q. You said you took a different approach. Was it an adjustment or end game approach?

MIGUEL CABRERA: Yeah, adjustment, like I said. He pitch great game the first game he pitch. We got different plans. We know he going to throw strike. When he got ahead in the count, we go with that. We make adjustment and able to swing better pitches today.

Q. When that home run went out, the way that Verlander was pitching, did you think this might be enough for him to carry the rest of the way?

MIGUEL CABRERA: No, no, we talk in the dugout when we score the run, we say we got to get on base. We got to try to get on base, we got to win.

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