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Oct. 24 John Lackey postgame interview

Q. What's the frustration level like, the emotion like when you see what happens at the plate with the error, allowing the runs to score when you're out of the game?

JOHN LACKEY:   Just losing the game is frustrating, for sure. We played a pretty good game. A really good pitcher pitching tonight and we had a chance there. But we'll come back the next game and try it again.

Q. Did you feel at all that you pitched well, it was almost like you were unlucky at just the wrong time? Did you sort of feel that to a degree?

JOHN LACKEY:   I guess that's kind of obvious. Yeah, unfortunately I've had it happen a few times this year, so, yeah. Brez has been awesome for us this year. I can't wait to see him get back out there, because he's been so good for us and you can't go wrong with putting that guy on the mound.

Q. With the number of games like this that have gone for you this year, is there ever an "are you kidding me" kind of feeling to it when you're in the dugout?

JOHN LACKEY:   At this point it's not about me. Who really cares who gets the win or loss next to their game? We're trying to win four games, trying to win a ring.

Q. You've been in this position so many times during the years. How much pride do you try to keep that rolling and keep the rotation at the excellent level?

JOHN LACKEY:   There for a little while it was going pretty good. I felt good tonight. I felt like I had probably a little better fastball than my last start. Their guy was pitching well. The margin for error is really slim this time of year. And kind of let one go tonight, but we'll be back the next one.

Q. You just mentioned you seemed to have terrific stuff tonight with a lot of great movement. In calling your game, working with Salty, are you making the calls out there?

JOHN LACKEY:   If I throw it, yeah. He's definitely calling the game. But I guess I'm approving, I guess. Salty has been great for me all year. We will really studied these guys. We go over reports together. And he's been great to work with and makes it easy on me.

Q. Their manager Matheny was talking about how they're a team that prides themselves on grinding it out, not necessarily to work the count, but just to grind it out. Is that a frustrating type of team to pitch against?

JOHN LACKEY:   Not really. I throw a lot of strikes, regardless of what you're trying to do.

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