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Oct. 27 Felix Doubront & Jonny Gomes postgame interview

Q. Jonny, I'm just wondering, given how long it's been to get to this point, whether you had actually thought in advance about what you'd do if you hit a home run, or was that purely emotion?

JONNY GOMES:  I don't think I'm that good to plan out my home runs in the World Series. With that being said, the one thing I've always wanted out of this game was the opportunity, whether that was a uniform, whether that was a pinch‑hit, whether that was get a start. So I got the opportunity tonight, and one thing you can guarantee is when I'm in the lineup, I'm going to be swinging. And I was fortunate enough right there to put a good swing on a good pitch.

Q. Jonny, what does this mean to you? The dream to be in the World Series, to come through on this stage, to have the hit that we're all going to talk about for the next 24 hours?

JONNY GOMES:  I mean, I was saying that earlier, I'd probably screwed it up or mess it up if I tried to put it in words. What's going on inside here is pretty special, magical. There's so many people and so many mentors and so many messages and so many helping paths and helping ways for me to get here, that there's a lot more than what I could bring individually. And then I step into the box in the World Series and I'm all alone.

There's some people out there that need to get praised, and hopefully they take their two cents that they put into my career at some point, and I'm grateful for that.

Q. Obviously I don't think you had any history with Seth Maness, and you had one at‑bat and a walk against Lynn. Were you surprised that the Cardinals went with Maness? And part two of this question is, how soon did you find out you were actually going to be in the starting lineup? I think the media was notified about five to six. How did you get notified?

JONNY GOMES:  Yeah, I was notified about halfway through my batting practice. Like I said earlier, it's all I fought for in this year of mine is just the opportunity. So when my number is called, I'm stepping up. I'm not dodging any situation. Obviously a little different pregame than playing and not playing. So I kind of got changed real quick.

But you're in there playing leftfield, came out to the dugout, looked up the lineup card, and now you're going to have to protect David Ortiz. Good luck with all of that.

When they brought Maness in, I'm just a right‑handed, hard‑swinger guy. I don't think there's too many matchups, really, to stay away from. I'm sure there's all kinds of reports on me or whatever. But if I'm fortunate enough to get a mistake, the bat's going to come through the zone hot, and it worked out.

Q. Jonny, what was Ortiz's message to you guys before the big inning and the big homer there at the top of the sixth?

JONNY GOMES:  David Ortiz rallied us together. As far as the message, I think we'll keep that in house. But I think it just sums up the type of guy he is, the superstar he is. The teammate he is. The passion he has for this game, and obviously the passion he has for the 24 guys that he's sharing the dugout with right there.

Anytime this guy steps in the box, there's a presence. Anytime this guy puts a uniform on, there's a presence. If this guy wants to rally us together for a pep talk, it was like 24 kindergartners looking up at their teacher. He got everyone's attention, and we looked him right in the eyes. That message was pretty powerful.

And then to add on to that in the top of the sixth we all went in front of the dugout for the Stand Up for Cancer. I held two signs myself. And it was just pretty ironic that happened at the top of the sixth. And I think there was some angels above the stadium looking down on me and looking down on everyone else.

Q. Felix, I wanted to ask you: You've had two really good games now in a row. What did you have working these last two games? And were you concerned at all that you wouldn't get a chance to have an impact the way you've had the last two days?

FELIX DOUBRONT:  I was pretty much focused. And when I got my time, when I got that opportunity to go up there and do my job, you know, as a reliever, now I was feeling pretty good. And like I say, focus and try to get serious, and give my teammates the opportunity to score more runs and win the game.

Q. Jonny, can you describe how Ortiz, that meeting came about?

JONNY GOMES:  As we come off the field in the bottom of the fifth and it was David playing first, kind of was right by the waters, and got everyone's attention. Anytime this guy opens his mouth, everyone is locked in. Whatever comes out of his mouth is going to be meaningful, priceless and probably something you don't know.

So with that being said, he had everyone's attention pretty quick. And just gave us a little kick in the butt that we needed.

Q. Felix, you obviously went two innings yesterday. What was your mindset going into today? Did you feel like maybe you would have to pitch given what Clay Buchholz was dealing with? And how did that alter maybe what you did pregame to get ready for today?

FELIX DOUBRONT:  I prepared myself to go more than two innings, at least, knowing that I threw two innings yesterday and today was a different day. I think all the excitement and adrenaline that I want to pitch, and I want to be in the game, I want to be a part of the team to win the game. I was just relaxed and doing my job. When I got the opportunity, I was so focused in. I don't feel just nothing, just focusing on getting outs.

Q. Jonny, obviously last night was a very difficult loss. And every win is obviously very important. But how important was this win following last night's game, and just getting you guys back even at two games apiece?

JONNY GOMES:  Yeah, I mean, you know, both teams are truly trying to win every single game. You don't have much room to give a game and just kind of say, okay, that wasn't a good game. It's a heavyweight fight, you have to win as many rounds as you can win. And last night didn't go our way.

Throughout the 162‑game season, the previous two series this team has built a character and identity to be able to clean the slate with a win or a loss. You see the numbers during the season that we have still gone without winning four consecutive games ‑‑ without losing four consecutive days, sorry. A three‑game streak was our longest all year. It says a lot about the guys inside the clubhouse are professionals, guys inside the clubhouse are able to clean the slate from a tough loss, a loss in general. These guys are true pros on the field and mentally.

Q. You mentioned two signs that you were holding, would you be able to share whose names they were?

JONNY GOMES:   It was my high school coach who passed away while he was coaching, Bob Leslie, Casa Grande High School. And little Brady Wein, you know,, is the way to follow him. About four and a half years old and talk about battle tested. This little kid, he comes out to the ballpark every once in a while, and it was pretty special to be able to do that top of the sixth. It really adds to the fairy tale that it was for me today.

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