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Padres' uniforms salute past, future, Navy

For the past two days, I've been watching what fans are saying about the Padres' 2016 uniforms.

The dialogue has been very interesting.

The Padres have returned brown to their wardrobe. But some members of the "Bring Back the Brown" movement don't think they went far enough. Others totally dislike the brown.

The new brown tops will be worn for every Friday night home game next season and were one of three new home uniforms introduced by the Padres on Tuesday for the 2016 season.

I like the looks.

Earlier Tuesday, the Padres and the Navy unveiled the new camouflage Navy "blueberries" top that will be worn almost every Sunday next season as a part of the Padres' weekly salute to the military. That introduction was made on the flight deck of the carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

In addition to the new brown tops, the Padres introduced their main "whites" Tuesday night. Those whites, which will be worn only during the 2016 season, also mark a milestone in baseball history.

To celebrate Petco Park hosting the 87th All-Star Game next July 12, the Padres' game whites next season will commemorate the event -- the whites being trimmed and highlights by navy blue and yellow -- with colors that are also a part of the 87th All-Star Game logo. Those whites, to be used only in the 2016 season, mark the first time that a Major League team has celebrated hosting an All-Star Game with a distinctive jersey.

But even the trim of the whites has a nostalgic twist.

Yellow was an official color of the Padres from 1969 through 1984. Navy blue has been a part of the Padres' uniform since 1991.

And rather than having "Padres" across the front of the uniform, the whites will have SD for the first time across the chest to emphasize the importance of San Diego as the host city for the All-Star Game. I like the look, including the cap, which will be navy blue with a yellow-and-white "SD" mindful of the cap first worn by the Padres in 1991.

Of course, the Friday browns drew the most attention from Padres fans.

While brown and yellow was the traditional color pattern of the club's first 15 seasons, I thought that combination created some ghastly looks -- like the all-yellow "big bird" uniforms.

I must say that while I haven't been a big fan of the return to brown, I both like these uniforms -- as well as the fact that they are a once-a-week alternate to the staple whites.

I like the brown tops with yellow piping on the sleeves and neck plus a yellow "Padres" across the chest that is based on the "Padres" of the original 1969 uniform. The cap will be styled after the yellow-and-brown "bell" cap worn from 1972-1984.

I like the look. And I like the fact that it will be used in a way that can truly be appreciated -- call them tribute nights to Padres uniforms past without going totally retro.

Something old, something new ... even something borrowed (the All-Star Game colors) and something blue (the four-color Navy camo "blueberries).

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