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Solarte takes a seat to discuss stellar season

Padres corner infielder Yangervis Solarte stopped by Padres Social Hour and sat in the Cholula Hot Seat on Friday to discuss his improved play and stellar season so far in 2015. Solarte, who joined the Padres in 2014 after being traded from the New York Yankees, has put up some great numbers this season with a .267 batting average and 49 RBIs with 25 doubles. Solarte's numbers in 2015 are approaching career highs, which thus begs the question of what has Solarte done to improve his play out on the field?

"Every time I cross the foul line I just want to have as much fun as possible," commented Solarte. "Especially with my family and my team out here on the field … Even when I'm playing poorly, I try to turn it into a positive no matter what. I've been able to play more, too, so that helps me with being more comfortable out on the field." Solarte finished on that note by saying that "The additional at-bats and extra playing time has really helped."

While the extra playing time has certainly paid dividends for Solarte, the 28-year-old Venezuelan credits a positive attitude and approach to the changes in his career for being the biggest factor in seeing improvement in San Diego.

"You have to think that every change is going to be good in some sort of fashion," said Solarte. "This is my third team I've been with and I've loved everything since I've been here. The city, the lifestyle, I've just been a little more chill and calmer, so I think that's why I've fit in really well here."

Moving on to the mechanics of his improved play, Solarte commented that part of his success has come from seeing the ball better. Specifically, Solarte has sported a healthy .280 batting average against right handed pitchers this year: "I feel more comfortable depending on where I'm seeing the ball come from… I've seen a lot more pitchers throwing from the right side this year, so I've been hitting from the right side of the plate more often."

To hear more about Solarte's experiences in San Diego and the energy he thrives in when among his teammates, be sure to watch the entire interview in the video above. For more interviews, highlights and Padres content just like this, check out

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