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Orosco on Latino HOF and his 24-year career

Former Padres reliever and two-time World Series champion Jesse Orosco joined Padres Social Hour on Friday to discuss his time in San Diego and his recent induction into the 2016 Class of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame. Orosco, who pitched for the Padres in 2003 and finished out his career after a Major League record 1,252 appearances, found out about his induction on Friday and was grateful for the honor that had been bestowed upon him. "I was quite surprised and pretty excited about it," said Orosco.

The induction ceremony is set to take place in the Dominican Republic this December and Orosco was happy to be inducted along with some other Latino baseball greats. "To be a part of playing baseball in the United States and seeing some great names in the (American Hall of Fame) line is great. And now to go on to the other side and get in this new chapter for myself and see the Roberto Clemente's, Felipe Alous' and all that, it's just great. It's worldwide."

Orosco's illustrious career spanned over 24 seasons between 1979 and 2003 and over the years the reliable southpaw needed to reinvent himself to stay sharp in a game that was constantly changing. "The changes were amazing. I had to make a number of adjustments as the years went on," said Orosco.

Orosco continued on saying that "with the Mets, I was a closer for about five years and then I went into being a setup man. I was very fortunate that I was able to do my job and could stay steady in the seventh inning on rather than get demoted."

While Orosco is certainly known for his excellent pitching over the years and his performances in the postseason, one of his most memorable moments came as a member of the 1986 New York Mets when he hit an RBI-single in game seven of the '86 Fall Classic. "That was probably one of my only five hits over 24 years in baseball," quipped Orosco.

To hear more about Orosco's well-known career, including his time in San Diego and his thoughts on being inducted into the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame, be sure to watch the entire interview in the video above. For more interviews, highlights and Padres content just like this, check out

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