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Price not surprised by Ortiz's words

BOSTON -- Before Saturday night's game, reporters asked Rays ace David Price about Red Sox slugger David Ortiz's comments following Friday night's game, specifically the comment, "It's a war. It's on."

Was Price surprised by the comment?

"Not really," Price said. "He was mad. So I get it. We all say stupid stuff when we're mad. Been there. I'm sure he probably wishes he wouldn't have said some of the things he said. You can't relate the game that we play to a war.

"Kellen Winslow got a lot of crap for saying he was a soldier. You're not a soldier. This is not war. We have troops fighting for us that are in a war. It's not a good comparison."

Ortiz made other comments in relation to getting hit by a pitch thrown by Price on Friday. Price said those comments did not bother him.

"Not one bit, honestly, it really didn't," Price said. "I'm not worried about it."

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