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Yost enjoys life on his ranch during off-day

ATLANTA -- Royals manager Ned Yost is an old-school guy and in old-school manner, when he gets away from baseball, he really gets away from baseball.

On Monday, Yost got away from baseball.

It helps, of course, to have a ranch, which he has in LeGrange, Ga., a little over an hour south of Atlanta. Yost took advantage of his opportunity to enjoy nature by getting up at 4:30 in the morning, going turkey hunting at 6, riding in a motorized golf cart around his ranch, with his wife, Deborah, to admire the dogwood trees that were in bloom, then going bass fishing.

"It was really pretty nice," said Yost, who enjoyed momentarily talking about something other than the series opener with the Atlanta Braves, where he coached from 1991 through 2002. "It was really good. It was quiet."

The ultra-competitive Yost also had no problem conceding that Deborah was the big winner when it came to fishing.

"Deb out-fished me," he said. "She caught three big ones and I caught three or four, but none of them were any of that size.

"She can fish," he added. "I have to help her get it off the hook but she loves to fish. Her and my daughter are the two best fishermen we've got."

Jon Cooper is a contributor to
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