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Grandal takes responsibility for wild pitches

SAN DIEGO -- Not long after Tuesday's 5-3 loss to the Twins, Padres catcher Yasmani Grandal checked the replay to ascertain the damage. Or rather, he knew what the damage was, but he wanted to see how it could have happened.

Grandal was behind the plate for two Ian Kennedy wild pitches, both curves that Kennedy yanked into the dirt. The first came in the sixth inning with a runner on third, and it allowed Trevor Plouffe to race home and tie the game at 3-3. The second came in the seventh inning and moved Eduardo Escobar to third. He scored the go-ahead run on a sacrifice fly.

"The first one was definitely my fault," Grandal said after viewing the pitches again. "I was late to it. The second one was halfway in the other batter's box [when it bounced]."

Still, Grandal said, as a catcher, you have to think that you can at least block everything.

"You've got to think nothing can get by me," Grandal said. "Especially with a man on third base. "I saw the replays and want to say both pitches [bounced] in front of home plate. They were pretty tough to handle. But as a Major League catcher, you've got to handle those."

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