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Sonny Gray Oct. 5 postgame interview

Q.  Sonny, yesterday and before and after the game, you kind of gave us homilies about how it was all about the team, but deep inside, how excited were you to do this? When it came to game time, how exciting was it for you to have this opportunity?

SONNY GRAY:  It was very exciting, and I was really glad to get the opportunity. Like I said, I knew there was going to be a lot of adrenaline and however I was able to harness that adrenaline was going to be a big factor of in the game.

Coming out early, I wasn't as nervous, wasn't as amped up as I thought I would be. And it was awesome, because I was able to locate my pitches without being way too shakey, whatever.

Q.  Vogt was in here talking about how you guys were joking around just like you were at Raley field. Is that familiarity that helped you guys out?

SONNY GRAY:  I think so. I've thrown to him all year. We started off in Sacramento together and we both made it here pretty much at the same time. He came a little bit before me.

But I've thrown to him all year. I threw to him every start in Sacramento except for maybe two, and he came up big for us. It was awesome to be in that moment, for him to be in that moment because you knew he was going to get the job done.

Q.  Sonny, was there a point where you thought I'm matching pitch‑to‑pitch with Verlander, this is really something?

SONNY GRAY:  Not really. I wasn't watching him pitch. I was just sitting in the dugout, just getting myself ready for the next inning. I knew he was obviously throwing the ball well, but I wasn't really looking into it as facing Justin Verlander, because if I do that, one of their hitters is going to get you, because they've got one of the best lineups in all of baseball.

So I had to more focus on their hitters rather than who I was facing, the opposing pitcher.

Q.  Focusing on their hitters, like you said, one of the best lineups in baseball. What is your main approach or goal in facing them? What do you try to do in that situation?

SONNY GRAY:  Like I said the other day, focus on your strengths. When you're in a hole, just go to your strengths, go with what got you here. And for me, it was being able to throw my curveball and fastball, and in situations where they might be sitting on a curveball.

I thought we did that really well tonight, Vogty, he called a great game because he really stuck with what we have been doing well in Sacramento and so far up here. That was the game plan, even coming from Curt, just go with your strengths and what's got us here.

Q.  After that pitch to Torii, you hit 96 a bunch of times to him and to Migg. Was there more about that moment to get the outs or can you talk about that?

SONNY GRAY:  He's been one of my favorite players growing up, watching him play. I remember my first Spring Training facing him when he was with the Angels, he had a line drive up the middle and almost took my head off. He's a great guy. He is known as a really great guy and it got me fired up a little bit. It did.

After that, I had a little extra adrenaline, I really did. I was able to still locate the ball though, so that was what it was.

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