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Teammates Peralta, Lobaton want Rodney back in '14

ST. PETERSBURG -- Fernando Rodney was not on hand to talk to reporters Wednesday afternoon, but fellow reliever Joel Peralta addressed the possibility of the free-agent closer returning.

"We'll see," Peralta said. "I'm really hoping that we both come back. If not, Fernando and I, we're like brothers right now. If he's not here, I'm really, really going to miss the guy. He's one of the best as a pitcher, one of the best as teammates. We've got a great relationship, and I'm really hoping that he's back."

Peralta noted that Rodney would be willing to "sacrifice maybe some money to come back."

"We already talked about it," Peralta said. "Let's just see what they offer, how many offers they've got in the market. I think he's going to get a lot better offers somewhere else. The last two years, even though this year wasn't as great as last, he has a great year anyway."

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