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Trout gearing up for All-Star Game start

SEATTLE -- After Sunday's game against the Mariners, Mike Trout will take a flight to New York to participate in the All-Star Game at Citi Field. He will start for the AL squad.

Asked if the game and a pair of cross-country flights might not give him the mental or physical break he needs, manager Mike Scioscia said he's not concerned.

"It's exciting to be there,'' he said. "When you walk out of there after being part of an All-Star Game, you definitely walk a little taller. You feel good about your game and know you belong. You carry some confidence with you.

"Physically, he'll be fine. He'll recharge. The travel is not perfect but he'll get enough work. He'll have Wednesday and Thursday off and be ready to go.''

Bob Sherwin is a contributor to
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