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Twins set to maintain depth in pitching staff

MINNEAPOLIS -- When the Twins placed outfielder Josh Willingham on the 15-day disabled list on Saturday, the decision to call up right-hander Michael Tonkin, as opposed to a position player, was made due to the recent innings strain on the bullpen.

But even following deep starts from Kyle Gibson on Friday and Ricky Nolasco on Saturday, plus an off-day on Monday, manager Ron Gardenhire plans on sticking with the 13-man pitching staff for the time being.

"I'm not so much worried about the number," Gardenhire said. "I think the bench with [Darin Mastroianni], [Chris] Hermann and [Eduardo] Escobar is covered. I've got the pinch-runner, the left-handed pinch-hitter, the speed guy, and I've got my infielder.

"I don't mind having that extra pitcher. I said I missed it earlier. The problem is if someone gets dinged up and misses three or four games. Then this gets real thin."

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