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Davis enjoys quality time on fathers' road trip

KANSAS CITY -- As Ben Davis looks at his son, Royals setup man Wade Davis, he still sees the same humble boy he taught him to be.

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"When Wade was little and playing ball, he was taught not to brag or boast about things," Ben Davis said. "I remember telling him that it's easy to talk trash, but it's harder to swallow crow.

"I kind of pointed him in that direction, but that's also his nature. He prefers to stay out of the spotlight. He's quiet. He kind of sits back and takes it all in, and then if he has a comment, he'll say something."

Wade Davis' stoic nature on the mound is no accident. And Ben Davis has had a chance to see that stoicism first-hand again thanks to the Royals' annual "dads' trip," when the fathers of the players get to travel with the team for an entire road trip. The idea was launched in 2013 by senior director of travel Jeff Davenport and has been a huge hit as it brings fathers and sons together right around Father's Day.

"The opportunity to be with your son and experience different ballparks, that's priceless," Ben said. "We never got to see before what goes on behind the scenes. You kind of have an idea but you don't know how everything is on a tight schedule.

"You learn how they prepare for the game. People don't get to see that."

Ben has made all three dads trips and wouldn't miss it for anything.

"How many dads whose kids play baseball…what would they give to be able to sit here and watch their kid play Major League baseball?" Ben said. "It's so special. I think all the dads that are here feel the same way. How could you not?"

The dads are allowed to hang with the players during batting practice -- and they even took batting practice before one game -- chill with the players after games in the clubhouse and attend many team functions.

"When I get home and start thinking about it, I get chills," Ben said. "You're sitting there and eating a sandwich and Eric Hosmer comes up to you and puts his hand on your shoulder, and knows who you are. Or Mike Moustakas. Or Kendrys Morales. It's incredible."

For Wade, it's just a treat to be able to spend quality time with his father.

"You get to hang out, go to breakfast," Wade said. "We played golf on the off-day. He got to go to some team functions. It's great.

"I'm sure all the guys feel that way."

Jeffrey Flanagan is a reporter for Follow him on Twitter at @FlannyMLB.
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