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Washington expresses support for replay system

ARLINGTON -- Rangers manager Ron Washington won his first replay challenge in the sixth inning of Tuesday's game against the Phillies when Ben Revere was picked off second base. Washington also considered a challenge earlier in the inning when the Rangers just missed throwing out Cesar Hernandez at third base on Revere's sacrifice bunt.

Both times Washington went out to discuss the play with the umpire while waiting for a signal from the bench. The Rangers' process has advance scout Joey Prebynski watching on television in the clubhouse and he then sends word to bench coach Tim Bogar if the Rangers should challenge or not. Bogar then signals Washington on the field while he is still in discussion with the umpires.

Washington said so far the process is working for two reasons. One is the umpires are being patient in giving Washington time to decide on a challenge or not.

"The umpires are very cooperative," Washington said. "They want to get it right too."

Secondly, Washington said the Rangers are getting the information quickly from Prebynski to Bogar to the manager on the field. On Tuesday, Bogar signaled Washington not to challenge the first play, but to do so on the pickoff.

"It has been quicker than I expected," Washington said. "I expected I would have to jaw a little bit before I get the signal."

There could be a time when Prebynski is undecided and Washington said, "Then I'll go with what I feel in my gut."

T.R. Sullivan is a reporter for Read his blog, Postcards from Elysian Fields, and follow him on Twitter @Sullivan_Ranger.
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