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Venerable Venable continues to prove value

Will Venable stopped by Padres Social Hour to talk about the upcoming series against the Pirates on Thursday, his web gems against the Angels and how he helps his team. While some may think that facing a new divisional opponent brings about some much-needed change to the Friars' National League West-heavy schedule, Venable takes a more calculated approach to the process.

"You know, they're big league baseball games, they're all exciting," said Venable. "We're all excited to be there, no matter what. Which division you face isn't a huge factor, but it's nice to play some teams you don't see very often. It's nice to get a different look … but there's pros and cons to the process."

Venable, originally considered to be a reliable "fourth outfielder" at the start of the season, has seen a lot of playing time in the month of May with Wil Myers on the disabled list. While Venable certainly sees the extended playing time as something to relish and enjoy, he also knows full well that he has a job to do for his team.

"I feel comfortable in the outfield; I feel good at the plate," Venable said. "I'm just trying to help my team win and take advantage of any opportunity I get. We need our guys to get healthy, obviously, but until then, I'll just be out there doing my thing."

 Among other things, Venable's "thing" has included making spectacular plays in the outfield and robbing perennial All-Stars of home runs at the wall. All of that is no big deal to Venable, of course.

"Those are the things you practice as a kid, the ones your brother hits to you," said Venable. "Those are the fun ones. It's just instincts."

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