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Wrigleyville lively late into night for Game 2

Cubs fans don't let enthusiasm wane, despite 2-0 series deficit

CHICAGO -- The Cubs played late and work awaited the next day, but there was Murphy's Bleachers, at the corner of Sheffield and Waveland Streets next to Wrigley Field, packed with patrons. Fans came early and they stayed until the end, just as they did around much of Wrigleyville.

It was a mild atmosphere around Wrigley Field on Sunday night as Chicago dropped Game 2 of the National League Championship Series to the Mets, 4-1, but still plenty of people were willing to show up to watch.

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At Murphy's, many rolled in sporting the jersey of starter Jake Arrieta. One fan walked around outside with a sign reading "In Jake we trust." The sign out front of Murphy's, which changed every day, according to the establishment's general manager Freddy Fagenholz, read: "Arrieta for some football? And baseball? … Mostly baseball."

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"It's better than a normal day, so this is good," Fagenholz said. "The fans have been great, the atmosphere has been electric and fun.

"The city deserves the Cubs to win."

Meanwhile, on the other side of Wrigley Field, at Vine on Clark, fans were equally interested in Arrieta. But they were vocal in their surprise, not frustration with the Cubs ace.

"I've never seen this happen before," one shouted. "What's happening?"

Many managers and employees anticipate bigger crowds Tuesday and Wednesday, when Chicago hosts Games 3 and 4, bigger than the crowds from the NLDS.

On a cold night in the Windy City, fewer fans came to the Marquee to take a picture or peek into Wrigley than the night before, but fans still found their way. Some fans came with victory cigars, "just in case." Others came with new hats and shirts in hand.

There was Pat Prombo from the south suburb of Homewood. He grew up around White Sox fans all his life, he said. So as the Cubs looked to make history, he took the opportunity to surround himself with some friendly fans.

"I like the energy here," Prombo said. "I'll be back. And [the Cubs] will be OK."

He was decked out in a hat he deigned himself, a big black W across the front. He came up for the NL Division Series and, even with work the next day, he said Sunday was "worth the time." Even after the loss, he wasn't worried.

And there were Alex and Marisa Badaoui, who both stayed out late to watch Sunday's game. Marisa, the Chicago native, brought her husband Alex, a native of Australia. He admitted he's not a huge "sports person," but he could get out for atmosphere.

"We work tomorrow, but we came to celebrate with friends," Marisa said.

And if there's one thing everyone had in common, they were ready to move on after the Cubs' loss and come back for home games in the middle of the week.

"People are waiting for Tuesday to come, then they'll be wild," Fagenholz said.

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