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Phillies Phundamentals

In January 2001, the Phillies launched Phillies Phundamentals, an after-school/summer camp program for children 6-12 years old that uses baseball to teach and reinforce academic skills. Through a partnership with the Philadelphia Department of Recreation, Phillies Phundamentals initially launched in five recreation centers throughout Philadelphia.

Today, Phillies Phundamentals runs in 15 locations, reaching approximately 2,500 children annually.


Phillies Phundamentals is broken into two school-year sessions -- fall and spring -- and a summer session. During the school year, Phillies Phundamentals is held at each location one day a week for approximately one hour after school. The after-school programs tend to have children who range in age from 6-12 years old, therefore lessons have to be constructed in such a manner that they can appeal to and educate a variety of ages.

The summer session of Phillies Phundamentals, the program is run in conjunction with the summer camp at each site. Like the school year session, the summer session runs one day a week for approximately one hour. However, since summer camps are broken into age groups and enroll a larger number of children, lessons are conducted according to age and there are typically a number of sessions at each site.

Any academic subject can easily use baseball as a tool to educate. Phillies Phundamentals lessons have focused on mathematics by using player statistics, reading/literature, history, science, health, geography and art.

Special Events

Player Visit

Each year, a player meets with children from the program to discuss the importance of education and to answer questions and sign autographs.

Attend a Phillies Game

Over the course of the season, all children taking part in the Phillies Phundamentals program are invited to attend a Phillies game. This summer we recognized our recreation supervisors for their dedication to the children and the program.

Behind the Scenes Tour

During the summer, various recreation centers are invited to take a special tour of the ballpark.

Participants have the opportunity to see the Hall of Fame Club, Diamond Club and Phillies Clubhouse.

They even have the chance to sit in the dugout just like the players.


  • American Legion
  • Capitolo
  • Columbus Square
  • FJ Myers
  • Gifford
  • Lower Mayfair
  • Mayfair
  • Mitchell
  • Palmer Playground
  • Pelbano Playground
  • Pleasant
  • Rivera
  • Tarken
  • Vogt