Phillies Charities, Inc. 50/50 Drawing

The other half of the gross proceeds from that game's ticket sales will benefit Phillies Charities, Inc. Generally, Phillies Charities does not directly allocate proceeds from an individual game’s 50/50 raffle to a specific charitable organization. Instead, the charitable funds raised through the Phillies Charities 50/50 drawing over the course of the year are used to fund annual grants to a variety of charitable organizations during our annual grant application process.

If your organization meets the following four criteria, you may apply for the opportunity to be considered for a 2024 Phillies Charities, Inc. Grant:

Phillies Charities, Inc. Grant Program

Phillies Charities, Inc., is a 501(c)3 registered organization and the charitable arm of The Phillies.

Phillies Charities, Inc., regularly considers awarding grants to charitable organizations:

  1. which are the subject of a current Internal Revenue Service determination of Section 501(c)(3) status;
  2. which are performing charitable activities that both require and merit financial support; and
  3. whose charitable activities primarily impact Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware or communities near minor league affiliates of The Phillies.
  4. must have not received a grant from this program within the past five years. If you are unsure of the charity's status, please contact [email protected].

To request a 2024 Phillies Charities, Inc. Grant application, please e-mail [email protected]. Applications are due by June 28, 2024.

Please note that Phillies Charities, Inc receives a high volume of applicants each year. All 2024 applicants are reviewed by the Phillies Charities, Inc. Board in Oct/Nov 2024. Applicants who are awarded a Phillies Charities, Inc. Grant will be notified by December 2024.

Another way that your organization can get in on fundraising immediately for a game during the 2024 season is the Phillies Phunraising Program, which is available for most games during the 2024 regular season.

To claim prize, visit Guest Services on the Main Concourse or call 215-463-1000 for further instructions.

50/50 Drawing Kiosk Locations

  • Main Concourse Sections: 105, 114, 122, 136
  • Terrace Level Sections: 322

2024 Results

GameWinning TicketWinning AmountPrize Claimed?Charity
June 5 vs. Brewers1622403016$17,350YesPhillies Charities Inc.
June 4 vs. Brewers8539088021$22,040.00YesPhillies Charities Inc.
June 3 vs. Brewers6453555026$21,715NoPhillies Charities Inc.
June 2 vs. Cardinals5366462015$28,357.50YesALS United Mid - Atlantic
June 1 vs. Cardinals21286127089$29,505YesPhillies Charities Inc.
May 31 vs. Cardinals38194357121$21,210.00NoPhillies Charities Inc.
May 23 vs. Rangers22482743124$28,670.00YesPhillies Charities Inc.
May 22 vs. Rangers35418688005$21,872.50YesFolds of Honor
May 21 vs. Rangers22330456195$20,107.50YesPhillies Charities Inc.
May 19 vs. Nationals8142382010$26,322.50NoRDK Melanoma Awareness
May 18 vs. Nationals18075737106$22,407.50YesPhillies Charities Inc.
May 17 vs. Nationals37987039007$24,305YesPhillies Charities
May 16 vs. Mets1905237007$18,520.00YesPhillies Charities Inc.
May 15 vs. Mets3813052015$15,307.50NoPhillies Charities Inc.
May 8 vs. Blue Jays8195284179$18,542.50YesPhillies Charities Inc.
May 7 vs. Blue Jays21119651082$20,162.50NoPhillies Charities Inc.
May 6 vs. Giants18029829108$14,317.50YesPAWS and PSPCA
May 5 vs. Giants6948250006$24,482.50YesPhillies Charities Inc.
May 4 vs. Giants39861192051$11,167.50NoPhillies Charities
May 3 vs. Giants13779024048$17,565YesPhillies Charities Inc.
April 21 vs. White Sox29723567036$21,617.50YesPhillies Charities Inc.
April 20 vs. White Sox4649386056$17,965YesPhillies Charities
April 19 vs. White Sox12570302006$14,045YesPhillies Charities
April 17 vs. Rockies12392551095$7,635.00YesPhillies Charities Inc.
April 16 vs. Rockies27310942003$7,737.50YesPhillies Charities Inc.
April 15 vs. Rockies5225902116$10,037.50YesJackie Robinson Foundation
April 14 vs. Pirates38121532139$20,960.00YesPhillies Charities Inc.
April 13 vs. Pirates6045272004$16,257.50YesAutism Speaks
April 12 vs. Pirates22963928101$14,657.50YesPhillies Charities
April 11 vs. Pirates8881404068$5,535.00NoBethesda
April 3 vs. Reds21189156058$5,192.50YesPhillies Charities Inc.
April 2 vs. Reds8100772020$5,550.00YesPhillies Charities Inc.
April 1 vs. Reds3010991017$11,142.50YesPhillies Charities Inc.
March 31 vs. Braves9902863123$27,960.00YesPhillies Charities Inc.
March 30 vs. Braves13829082101$38,475.00YesPhillies Charities Inc.
March 28 vs. Braves36735185113$52,760.00YesPhillies Charities Inc.