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The Pittsburgh Pirates, Pirates Charites and Rivendale Farms have partnered with Grow Pittsburgh, ARAMARK, and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy to open PNC Park's first-ever ballpark garden, the Rivendale Patio Garden. The Rivendale Patio Garden uses sustainable practices and provides healthy food, grown on-site, to be used in guests' favorite dishes in the ballpark.

The Rivendale Patio Garden produces a variety of herbs and vegetables hand-selected by ARAMARK's PNC Park Executive Chef Thomas Langan, and Rivendale Farms' Crop Production Manager Susanna Meyer. Guests can experience the growth and harvest of fresh produce such as zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, and more. Additionally, Rivendale Farms features a special garden bed dedicated specifically to produce grown at the farm in Bulger, PA as well as new varieties developed through the farm's partnership with Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in New York.

"The Patio Garden is the embodiment of everything that makes our city and our professional sports teams so special," said Rivendale Farms General Manager Christine Grady. "It's really all about teamwork. The best talent coming together to provide something innovative and interactive for the whole city to enjoy. We like to say that we are bringing the farm to the ballfield, but it's much more than that. This is also about building community and providing accessibility to good food."

The Rivendale Patio Garden is the latest demonstration of the Pirates commitment to sustainability through the Club's nationally recognized Let's Go Bucs. Let's Go Green." initiative.

Not only does the garden use AgRecycle compost mix that was once PNC Park food waste, but the garden also uses recyclables collected by the Pirates to line each of the raised grow beds. In addition, rainwater is collected on the patio as the garden's primary watering source. 

A featured stop during PNC Park Ballpark Tours, the Rivendale Patio Garden also hosts educational programming and special events.