Pirates Charities 50/50 Raffle

Support Pirates Charities by purchasing your "50/50 RAFFLE" tickets at every Pirates regular season and Spring Training home game throughout the season.

One lucky fan will win 50% of the total amount collected during each game. The remaining 50% will be used to benefit Pirates Charities.

Each game's winning ticket number will be displayed online here within three (3) business days of the game date.

The Pirates Charities 50/50 raffle is staffed by Pirates employees, and proceeds benefit Pirates Charities programs. We are not currently accepting applications from outside groups to participate in the 50/50 raffle. Thank you for your support of Pirates Charities!

Bradenton - LECOM Park


GameWinning TicketWinning AmountPrize Claimed?
April 3 vs. Rays2006111025$2,285Yes
April 1 vs. Bluejays1535181217$1,130Yes
March 31 vs. Orioles2046948064$945Yes
March 29 vs. Redsox1877179012$1,640Yes
March 25 vs. Twins1831732010$1,180Yes
March 24 vs. Phillies1745397003$1,100No
March 22 vs. Orioles1767716001$1,185Yes
March 19 vs. Tigers1307186041$1,085Yes
March 18 vs. Yankees1820732027$1610Yes

Pittsburgh - PNC Park


GameWinning TicketWinning AmountPrize Claimed?
May 20 vs. Cardinals591606017$5,125Yes
May 15 vs. Reds638229242$3,970Yes
May 14 vs. Reds871913015$4,990No
May 13 vs. Reds883035001$5,025No
May 12 vs. Reds501071006$1,565Yes
May 11 vs. Dodgers484749091$2,880No
May 10 vs. Dodgers520029005$2,005Yes
May 9 vs. Dodgers940614006$2,345Yes
May 1 vs. Padres935196036$1,765Yes
April 30 vs. Padres762746292$6,565Yes
April 29 vs. Padres371967234$2,445Yes
April 28 vs. Brewers162565035$1,690Yes
April 27 vs. Brewers901963011$1,110Yes
April 26 vs. Brewers714351032$1,525Yes
April 17 vs. Nationals621811003$2,150Yes
April 16 vs. Nationals851054004$3,560Yes
April 15 vs. Nationals863254009$4,884No
April 14 vs. Nationals373513032$2,170No
April 13 vs. Cubs1166869078$2,560Yes
April 12 vs. Cubs500581303$18,155Yes