Pirates Charities 50/50 Raffle

Support Pirates Charities by purchasing your "50/50 RAFFLE" tickets at every Pirates regular season and Spring Training home game throughout the season.

One lucky fan will win 50% of the total amount collected during each game. The remaining 50% will be used to benefit Pirates Charities.

Each game's winning ticket number will be displayed online here within three (3) business days of the game date.

The Pirates Charities 50/50 raffle is staffed by Pirates employees, and proceeds benefit Pirates Charities programs. We are not currently accepting applications from outside groups to participate in the 50/50 raffle. Thank you for your support of Pirates Charities!

Pittsburgh - PNC Park


DateWinning TicketWinning AmountPrize Claimed?
May 12 vs. Cubs4533496074$8,830.00Yes
May 11 vs. Cubs16456832453$18,485.00No
May 10 vs. Cubs16381816154$7,715.00Yes
May 8 vs. Angels2191429014$3,870.00Yes
May 7 vs. Angels6120005037$3,515.00Yes
May 6 vs. Angels6039433004$3,180.00Yes
May 5 vs. Rockies3925211013$5,855.00Yes
May 4 vs. Rockies3852574015$7,705.00Yes
May 3 vs. Rockies22781711003$8,270.00Yes
April 25 vs. Brewers16068867011$5,500.00Yes
April 24 vs. Brewers6995934013$2,800.00No
April 23 vs. Brewers4911239118$2,720.00Yes
April 22 vs. Brewers4825451004$2,900.00Yes
April 21 vs. Red Sox16716377191$8,710.00Yes
April 20 vs. Red Sox3641919147$10,955.00Yes
April 19 vs. Red Sox13565452131$8,930.00Yes
April 9 vs. Tigers3675324042$4,145.00Yes
April 8 vs. Tigers11612546065$2,910.00Yes
April 7 vs. Orioles16510212019$10,385.00Yes
April 6 vs. Orioles11432212016$9,620.00Yes
April 5 vs. Orioles13350624008$37,180.00No

Bradenton - LECOM Park


GameWinning TicketWinning AmountPrize Claimed?
March 25 vs. Blue Jays9386997004$3,215.00No
March 24 vs. Yankees13301752008$5,095.00Yes
March 23 vs. Red Sox9217592018$2,985.00No
March 21 vs. Blue Jays11056283005$3,485.00Yes
March 17 vs. Rays15697214014$5,200.00No
March 16 vs. Tigers14624150020$3,145.00Yes
March 14 vs. Orioles9454736020$3,260Yes
March 12 vs. Braves18262011098$1,900No
March 10 vs. Phillies9084867263$3,995.00No
March 8 vs. Twins9923291263$2,160.00No
March 5 vs. Blue Jays15665144166$2,910.00Yes
March 3 vs. Orioles13486449184$3,115.00No
March 1 vs. Rays15319230003$2,135.00Yes
February 28 vs. Tigers13140835003$3,150.00Yes
February 27 vs. Braves15052446004$2,410.00Yes
February 25 vs. Orioles15883078076$3,830.00No