Title Name
Chairman of the Board Bob Nutting
President Travis Williams
Senior Executive Assistant - Team President Molly Trunzo

Baseball Operations

Title Name
General Manager Ben Cherington
Senior Vice President - Assistant General Manager Sarah Gelles
Senior Vice President - Assistant General Manager Kevan Graves
Senior Vice President - Assistant General Manager Steve Sanders
Senior Vice President - Assistant General Manager Bryan Stroh
Vice President - Strategy and Research Dan Fox
Vice President - Scouting Joe DelliCarri
Vice President - Player Personnel Steve Williams
Title Name
Assistant Director - Baseball Operations Trey Rose
Assistant - Baseball Operations Anthony Argenziano
Assistant - Baseball Operations Jalen Heath
Title Name
Major League Manager Derek Shelton
Bench Coach Donald Kelly
Pitching Coach Oscar Marin
Hitting Coach Andy Haines
Major League Coach Mendy Lopez
Translator and Assistant Coach Stephen Morales
Assistant Hitting Coach Christian Marrero
1st Base Coach Tarrik Brock
3rd Base Coach and Field Coordinator Mike Rabelo
Bullpen Catcher and Catching Assistant Jordan Comadena
Run Prevention and Game Planning Coach Radley Haddad
Bullpen Coach Justin Meccage
Assistant Director - Hitting Timothy McKeithan
Assistant Director - Pitching Jeremy Bleich
Coordinator - Mental Performance Andy Bass
Major League Assistant Jacob Mencacci
Major League Assistant Alex Jimenez
Major League Video Coordinator Kevin Roach
Major League Video Assistant Matthew Rosa
Title Name
Director - Sports Medicine Todd Tomczyk
Director - Sports Performance AJ Patrick
Head Major League Athletic Trainer Rafael Freitas
Assistant Major League Athletic Trainer Tony Leo
Major League Physical Therapist Seth Steinhauer
Head Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach Terence Brannic
Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach Adam Vish
Head Major League Dietitian Hillary Ake
Sports Dietitian Steffani Holmes
Executive Chef - Home Clubhouse Tony Palatucci
Title Name
Manager - Team Travel Ryan Denlinger
Manager - Team Security Mike Bracci
Manager - Head Major League Equipment and Home Clubhouse Zach Nelson
Manager - Home Clubhouse Scott Bonnett
Manager - Home Clubhouse Kiere Bulls
Manager - Visiting Clubhouse Kevin Conrad
Assistant Manager - Home Clubhouse Nikolas Cook
Title Name
Director - Research and Development Sean Ahmed
Systems Technical Lead Rosie Yu
Senior Software Engineer Level II Brian Hulick
Senior Software Engineer Ryan Schreiber
Senior Software Engineer Frank Wolverton
Software Engineer Jake Flynn
Manager - Research and Development Justin Newman
Data Scientist James Bueghly
Data Engineer David Shapero
Data Engineer Michael Walsh
Associate Developer - Baseball Applications Zoe Torok
Title Name
Assistant Director - Pro Player Valuation Joe Douglas
Coordinator - Pro Player Strategy Grant Jones
Player Valuation Analyst Zach Aldrich
Player Valuation Analyst Aaron Razum
Player Valuation Analyst Mackenzie Mangos
Player Valuation Analyst Amber Potter
Title Name
Director - Pro Scouting Will Lawton
Pro Evaluation Team Leader Sean McNally
Pro Evaluation Team Leader Hadi Raad
Pro Evaluation Team Leader Andrew Lorraine
Special Assignment Scout Doug Strange
Special Assignment Scout Blake Crosby
Pro Scout Michael Landestoy
Pro Scout Everett Russell
Pro Scout Kinza Baad
Pro Scout Carlos Berroa
Pro Scout Brendan Gawlowski
Title Name
Senior Advisor - Player Personnel Tony Harris
Coordinator - Player Personnel Tom Gillespie
Title Name
Director - International Scouting Junior Vizcaino
Senior Advisor - Latin American Operations Luis Silverio
Coordinator - International Operations Matt Benedict
Global Crosschecker Rodney Henderson
International Crosschecker Jesus Lantigua
International Scout Jose Cruz
International Scout Fu-Chun Chiang
Latin America Supervisor Emmanuel Gomez
Latin America Scout Esteban Alvarez
Latin America Scout Leydi Castro
Latin America Scout Carlos Rodriguez Peralta
Latin America Scout Daurys Nin
Latin America Scout Cristino Valdez
Title Name
Director - Amateur Scouting Justin Horowitz
Assistant Director - Amateur Scouting Mike Mangan
Assistant Director - Amateur Scouting Operations Matt Skirving
Assistant - Amateur Scouting Micaela Abbatine
Video Coordinator Brett Gilliland
National Supervisor Jimmy Lester
National Supervisor Jack Bowen
Supervisor - Amateur Scouting - Midwest Trevor Haley
Supervisor - Amateur Scouting - Southeast Sean Heffernan
Regional Supervisor Brian Tracy
Area Supervisor Eddie Charles
Area Supervisor Dan Radcliff
Area Supervisor John Koronka
Area Supervisor Darren Mazeroski
Area Supervisor Cam Murphy
Area Supervisor Matt Bimeal
Area Supervisor Anthony Wycklendt
Area Supervisor Wayne Mathis
Area Supervisor John Lombardo
Area Supervisor Mike Sansoe
Area Supervisor Derrick Van Dusen
Area Supervisor Brett Evert
Area Supervisor Eric Gatewood
Area Supervisor Matt Doughty
Title Name
Director - Coaching and Player Development John Baker
Director - International Development and Mental Performance Hector Morales
Director - Learning Bernie Holliday
Assistant Director - Coaching and Player Development Michael Chernow
Assistant Director - Coaching and Player Development Shawn Johnston
Special Assistant - Coaching and Player Development Brad Fischer
Coordinator - Coaching and Player Development Julio Sepulveda
Assistant - Coaching and Player Development Jack Cecil
Special Advisor - Pitching Development - Coaching and Player Development Dewey Robinson
Analyst - Major League Clarence Rivers
Assistant Research and Development - Coaching and Player Development Kara Godsey
Head of Methodology - Coaching and Player Development Bart Hanegraaff
Coordinator - Mental Performance Michael Gonzalez
Director - Dominican Operations Juan Carlos Mendoza
Senior Coordinator - Education Mayu Fielding
Coordinator - Player Advocacy and Learning Paige Moshier
Coordinator - Minor League Equipment and Clubhouse Manager Patrick Hagerty
Manager - Minor League Travel Mark McKnight
Mentor - FCL Position Player - Trackman Operator Jose Corrales
Minor League Video Coordinator Marc Roche
Minor League Manager Miguel Perez
Minor League Manager Robby Hammock
Minor League Manager Blake Butler
Minor League Manager Jim Horner
Minor League Manager Kieran Mattison
Minor League Manager Ethan Goforth
Minor League Manager Jose Mosquera
Minor League Pitching Coach Drew Benes
Minor League Pitching Coach Fernando Nieve
Minor League Pitching Coach Matt Ford
Minor League Pitching Coach Renny Duarte
Minor League Pitching Coach Mick Fieldbinder
Minor League Pitching Coach David Perez
Minor League Pitching Coach Jose Cueto
Minor League Pitching Coach Matthew Myers
Minor League Pitching Coach Cibney Bello
Minor League Hitting Coach Eric Munson
Minor League Hitting Coach Jonathan Prieto
Minor league Hitting Coach Quentin Brown
Minor League Hitting Coach Curt Wilson
Minor League Hitting Coach Khelyn Smith
Minor League Hitting Coach Elys Escobar
Minor League Hitting Coach Scott Seabol
Minor League Bench Coach Gary Green
Minor League Bench Coach Jose Mendez
Minor League Coach Gavi Nivar
Minor League Coach Stephanie Lombardo
Minor League Coach Raul Siri
Minor League Coach Gustavo Polanco
Minor League Coach Samuel Gonzalez
Integrated Baseball Performance Coach - Major League Jonny Tucker
Minor League Integrated Baseball Performance Coach Brady Conlan
Minor League Integrated Baseball Performance Coach Justin Orton
Minor League Integrated Baseball Performance Coach Casey Harms
Minor League Integrated Baseball Performance Coach Ernesto Irizarry
Manager - Minor League Advance Frederic Rioux
Development Coach Gustavo Omana
Assistant Coach - DSL Joel Fuentes
Minor League Catching Coordinator Chad Noble
Minor League Field Coordinator Shawn Bowman
Minor League Infield Coordinator Chris Truby
Minor League Pattern and Throwing Coordinator Vic Black
Coordinator - Complex Hitting Callix Crabbe
Coordinator - Hitting Development Jonathan Johnston
Coordinator - Pitching Development Josh Hopper
Latin American Field Coordinator Gera Alvarez
Latin American Pitching Coordinator Amaury Telemaco
Lead ATC - Minor League - Complex Coleman Duke
Lead ATC – Florida Complex and DR Medical Liaison Matt McNamee
Athletic Trainer - Complex Alexa DeHaeseleer
Athletic Trainer - Minor League Tyler Brooks
Athletic Trainer - Minor League Victor Silva
Athletic Trainer - Minor League Casey Lee
Athletic Trainer - Minor League Ramon Morales
Athletic Trainer - Minor League Alex Mena
Coordinator - Athletic Training Carl Randolph
Specialist – Minor and Major League Medical Dru Scott
Coordinator - Rehab - Minor League Katie Killian
Coordinator - Minor League Latin American ATC Wilson Boada
Physical Therapist - Minor League Brian Pigue
Coach - Strength and Conditioning - Minor League Glenn Nutting
Coach - Strength and Conditioning - Minor League Ryoji Ejima
Coach - Strength and Conditioning - Minor League Nicholas Pressley
Coach - Strength and Conditioning - Minor League Jacob Dunning
Coach - Strength and Conditioning - Minor League Raldy Herrera
Coach - Strength and Conditioning - Minor League Ariel Mercedes
Coach - Strength and Conditioning - Minor League Nick Ritchie
Coordinator - Strength and Conditioning - Minor League Cory Cook
Coordinator - International Strength and Conditioning Orlando Crance
Assistant Coordinator - Strength and Conditioning - Minor League Alan Burr
Assistant - Sports Nutrition John Regan
Assistant - Sports Nutrition Sierra Scott

Medical Staff

Title Name
Medical Director Dr. Patrick DeMeo
Team Physician Dr. Darren Frank
Team Physician Dr. Dennis Phillips
Team Physician Dr. Michael Scarpone
Team Physician Dr. Robert Schilken
Team Physician Dr. Edward Snell

Business Operations

Title Name
Chief Financial Officer Libby Waltman
Director - Accounting Operations Judy Hindes
Staff Accountant Jacob Haberle
Associate - Financial Planning & Analysis Mike Panchik
Assistant - Accounts Payable Tiffany Meyer
Manager - Payroll Brittany Malley
Controller Joshua Keidan
Coordinator - Accounting Operations Henry Walsh
Accountant - Florida Operations Jim Hall
Title Name
General Counsel Mera Kutrovac
Associate General Counsel Drew Singer
Title Name
Director - People and Culture Zachary Sutty
Manager - Benefits and Wellness Michelle Hopkins
Manager - Employer Brand Strategy and Communications Kelly Ross
Manager - People and Culture Tina Nellis
Coordinator - People and Culture Olivia Frizzell
Title Name
Vice President - Technology Terry Zeigler
Director - IT Operations Jeff Hammond
Director - Enterprise Systems Al Hogan
Director - IT Services Stephen McCulloch
Manager - User Technologies Kip DeBaker
Network Administrator Bill Balzer
IT Analyst Eric Freeman
IT Analyst James Kirk
Enterprise Systems Analyst Sean Cerneskie
IT Analyst - Florida Operations Patricio Zuniga Jr.
Title Name
Executive Vice President - Marketing and Fan Engagement Stephen Perkins
Title Name
Vice President - Marketing Carey Cox
Director - Marketing and Advertising Mitchell Stubbs
Manager - Performance Marketing Megan Bennett
Manager - Advertising Ashley Niedzwicki
Director - Ballpark Entertainment Chris Vanderbeek
Manager - Ballpark Entertainment Celine Halt
Coordinator - Entertainment Tyler Recktenwald
Coordinator - Fan Engagement Briana Feldman
Director - Social Media and Content Strategy Zachary Galia
Manager - Social Media Juliana Marcolini
Coordinator - Social Media Grace Heidinger
Director - Ballpark Productions Jon Cofer
Manager - Ballpark Productions Grant Van Buren
Operations Coordinator - Game Presentation Marty Corbett
Director - Alumni Affairs- Promotions and Licensing Joe Billetdeaux
Senior Manager – Promotions Nick Hobbs
Coordinator - Promotions and Authentics Tyler King
Alumni Team Ambassador Steve Blass
Producer Jason Tien
Title Name
Senior Vice President - Communications and Broadcasting Brian Warecki
Director - Broadcasting Marc Garda
Director - Player Relations and Team Historian Jim Trdinich
Director - Baseball Communications Patrick Kurish
Director - Media Relations Dan Hart
Director - Communications Melissa Strozza
Director - Story and Production Sterling McLean
Manager - Content Production Madison Mueller
Photographer Harrison Barden
Play-by-Play Announcer Greg Brown
Play-by-Play Announcer Joe Block
Color Analyst Bob Walk
Color Analyst John Wehner
Title Name
Executive Director - Pirates Charities and Community Engagement Jacque Skowvron Stevenson
Manager - Youth Baseball and Softball John Leonard
Manager - Pirates Charities Jacqueline Damrow
Manager - Community Programming Sarah Heffler
Title Name
Creative Director David Sharpensteen
Senior Graphic Designer Will Wyss
Graphic Designer Rachel Elder
Graphic Designer Sarmad Adelakun
Project Manager Catherine Dumm
Title Name
Executive Vice President - Sales and Business Development David Burke
Executive Assistant - EVP - Sales and Business Development Anna Kern
Title Name
Vice President - Ticket Sales and Service Ryan Niemeyer
Senior Director - Ticket Sales and Service Missy DeMarco
Director - Group Sales Jennifer McGee
Manager - Ticket Sales and Service Lauren Hansen
Coordinator - Group Sales and Hospitality Kierian Grieco
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Gabrielle Miller
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Kyle Cartin
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Jacob Betush
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Michael Crawford
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Megan Oldenburger
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Ethan Charamella
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Joshua Avart
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Nick Ramsey
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Erica Bishop
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Savannah McVoy
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Margaret Koroly
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Matthew Privette
Account Executive - Ticket Sales and Service Amber Sondereker
Coordinator, Ticket Sales & Service Devon Hong
Coordinator, Ticket Sales & Service Hannah Bondi
Coordinator, Ticket Sales & Service Caitlin Griffin
Coordinator, Ticket Sales & Service Julian Gonzalez
Coordinator, Ticket Sales & Service Ian Whitfield
Title Name
Manager – Season Ticket Service and Retention Kevin P. Roach
Senior Account Manager – Season Ticket Service and Retention Ryan Vizzini
Account Manager – Season Ticket Service and Retention Matt DiLascio
Account Manager – Season Ticket Service and Retention Val Kercher
Account Manager – Season Ticket Service and Retention Sydney Buran
Account Manager – Season Ticket Service and Retention Alex Kilyanek
Account Manager – Season Ticket Service and Retention Carrie Hoak
Title Name
Director - Ticket Operations Doug Vanderheyden
Manager - Ticket Operations Paul Perez
Supervisor - Ticket Operations Alec Marovitz
Coordinator - Ticket Office Shayla Gebhardt
Ticket Office Assistant William Whalen
Ticket Office Assistant Dominic Pillage
Title Name
Manager - Customer Service and Tours Allie Guido
Coordinator - Customer Service and Ticket Operations Lexi Waltz
Customer Service Representative Staci Blamer
Front Desk Associate - PNC Park Maria Henry
Front Desk Associate - PNC Park Antoinette DiBacco
Title Name
Vice President of Corporate Partnerships - Premium & Events Jared Kozinn
Director - Premium Partnerships and PNC Park Events Erinn Sander
Director - Corporate Partnership Activation Katie Shockey
Senior Manager - Corporate and Premium Partnership Sales Angela Zandier
Senior Manager - Corporate and Premium Partnership Sales Charlene Cheroke
Director - Corporate and Premium Partnership Sales Dave Shinsky
Director - Corporate and Premium Partnership Sales Chris Stevens
Senior Manager - Premium Partnership Experience Jordan Wadsworth
Senior Manager - Corporate and Premium Partnership Sales Ted Hritz
Manager - Corporate Partnership Activation Mitch Peterson
Manager - Corporate and Premium Partnership Sales John Bray
Manager - Corporate Partnership Activation Lindsey Core
Manager - Corporate Partnership Activation Nicole Park
Manager - Corporate Partnership Activation Alyssa Stroyne
Manager - Internal Events Victoria Gohn
Coordinator - Internal Events Amanda Reilly
Manager - External Events Mariah Gigler
Coordinator - External Events Julia Hester
Title Name
Senior Director - Business Intelligence Jason Witzberger
Director - CRM and Consumer Strategy Andy Giambroni
Director - Analytics and Strategy Alex Everett
Senior Manager - Consumer Insights RJ Keaveney
Marketing Analyst - Business Intelligence Lindsey McKula
Database Administrator Nathan Sharp
Coordinator - CRM and Consumer Strategy Clarissa Gecsey
Data Coordinator - Business Intelligence Ben Swanson
Title Name
Executive Vice President and General Manager - PNC Park Facilities Dennis DaPra
Vice President - PNC Park Operations Chris Hunter
Director - PNC Park Operations J.J. McGraw
Director - Security Operations Jodi Hummert
Manager - Security Operations Richard Wright
Manager - Ballpark and Event Operations Nick Long
Manager - Guest Experience Jacqueline Paris
Director - Field Operations Matt Brown
Manager - Field Operations Seth Whitehill
Manager - Field Operations Nick Quarberg
Supervisor - Field Operations Colton Hager
Supervisor - Field Operations Jacob Slomers
Coordinator - Scheduling and Event Operations Michael Massella
Operations Administrator Patty Mihalics
Mail Courier Tyler Lykens
Chief Engineer James LaGuardia
Assistant Chief Engineer Tommy Rippole
Engineer Joe Costello
Engineer Doug Moore
Engineer Shane Evans
Electrician Nicholas McDonald
Manager - Ballpark Maintenance Geavonie Love
Coordinator - Ballpark Maintenance Kyle Peters
Ballpark Maintenance Worker Mike Adrian
Ballpark Maintenance Worker Paul Azoury
Ballpark Maintenance Worker Robert Lewis
Supervisor - 24 Hour Security Frank Pica
24-Hour Security Officer Chris Ebert
24-Hour Security Officer Bruce Jasenak
24-Hour Security Officer Ron Lechner
24-Hour Security Officer Jacquelyn Heck
24-Hour Security Officer Austin Shaefer
24-Hour Security Officer Dan Hamlin
Title Name
Vice President - Florida and Dominican Republic Operations Jeff Podobnik
General Manager - Bradenton Marauders Craig Warzecha
Director - Florida Operations Ray Morris
Assistant General Manager - Bradenton Marauders Rebekah Rivette
Affiliate Clubhouse and Team Travel Manager Alonzo Whiteside
Manager - Field Operations - Florida Operations Andrew Burnette
Assistant Manager - Field Operations - Florida Operations Jacqueline Horne
Operations Assistant - Florida Operations Leo Henderson
Groundskeeper - Florida Operations Eric Bastin
Groundskeeper - Florida Operations Michael Bierds
Groundskeeper - Florida Operations Andres Berrones Hernandez
Groundskeeper - Florida Operations James Little
Groundskeeper - Florida Operations Mark Plut
Groundskeeper - Florida Operations Andy Solberen Fosten
Coordinator - Ticketing - Florida Operations Sara Comaromi
Coordinator - Fan and Community Engagement Haley Diess
Coordinator - Fan and Community Engagement Karena Ballard
Coordinator (Interim) - Florida Operations Daniel Carroll
Coordinator - LECOM Park Operations Dawson Bublitz
Account Manager - Ticket Sales - Florida Operations Travis Persinger
Account Manager - Ticket Sales - Florida Operations Daniel Sharf
Driver David Blatnick
Driver Ron Evans
Driver Carl Weeks
Driver Timothy Eason
Driver Brian Bolinger
Driver Michael Zimmerman
Driver William Harris
Driver Anthony Brown
Supervisor - Front Desk Linda Hassett
Front Desk Attendant John Opsitnick
Front Desk Attendant Judy Soenneker
Front Desk Attendant Jean Morrow
Front Desk Attendant Susan Strackhouse
Front Desk Attendant Marie Tommassello
Front Desk Attendant, Pirate City Lisa Webb
Front Desk Attendant, Pirate City Kimberly Rindermann