Purr-fect game: Furry fan visits Coors

April 3rd, 2021

DENVER -- You truly never know what you'll see at Coors Field.

When reigning National League Cy Young Award winner entered the seventh inning of his Dodgers debut with a no-hitter going, then watched as the Rockies hung a "6" on the scoreboard, we thought it was an amazing turn of events, even for Coors.

But then something topped it. A cat ran out onto the field from foul territory down the third-base line in the eighth. The critter sprinted out toward Cody Bellinger in center field, and the ballpark crowd wasn't the only party enjoying the moment -- Bellinger himself was cheering the little guy on.

Order was restored as the cat was collected by stadium personnel and taken off the playing field. As for order being restored in the game itself, you can never get ahead of yourself in the altitude of Colorado. The defending World Series champs hung on to win their first game of the 2021 season, 11-6 over the Rockies.

Besides this kitty, we've seen squirrels, raccoons, eagles (remember when one landed on James Paxton's shoulder?), ducks, geese, pigeons and other animals crash the party during an MLB game in the past.

The Rockies had the "Big Cat," Andres Galarraga, launching home runs along with the other Blake Street Bombers of the 1990s. But on Friday night, the "Little Cat" took center stage.