Hey, listen! Prospects mic’d up in the Fall League

October 17th, 2022

In the Arizona Fall League, a showcase circuit for some of baseball's most electric up-and-coming talent, the competition is tight but the atmosphere is loose. Listen in as the Rockies Zac Veen (MLB's No. 23 prospect), the Marlins' Victor Mesa Jr. (MIA No. 13) and the Yankees' Jasson Domínguez (MLB No. 39) get mic'd up.

Meanwhile, Veen opens up for a more in-depth look inside his mind, chatting with teammates about one of the key debates for Minor League stars today: what chain makes the best burritos? Another key question arises: Would Zac Veen run on Zac Veen?

And fifth-ranked Marlins prospect Jose Salas joins Mesa Jr. mic'd up in the Solar Sox dugout, reacting to big moments on the field and a bold -- and possibly correct? -- prediction from No. 14 A's prospect Lawrence Butler.

Domínguez hops on to talk about tracking fly balls in the outfield before making a tasty bet with Rays prospect Ronny Simon at the cages. Whoever hits a home run during batting practice first has to treat the other one to dinner. But no matter the result, The Martian is the real winner -- it will be his first time trying a chicken joint beloved by prospects.