Moo-ve over! D-backs pitchers milk cows

Hoover, Chafin, Bradley compete in contest at Chase Field

May 24th, 2017

PHOENIX -- It was clear that D-backs pitchers , and were taking the Cow Milking Contest seriously Tuesday afternoon.
Bradley sported a cowboy hat, Chafin was wearing his D-backs shorts and there was a disagreement about the rules -- whether the milking bucket should rest on the ground or be held up by an assistant.
In the end, it was Hoover who came away with the victory in what was an udderly surreal scene on the warning track at Chase Field.
Pokie the Cow made her way from the loading dock, through the visitor's bullpen and out onto the field. Each pitcher was given a minute to get as much milk as he could.

Bradley went first.
"I dressed for the part, not exactly experienced in the part," Bradley said. "That's only my second cow to milk, the first was in third grade, I believe. So, I had quite the time off, but thought I gave a good performance today."
Bradley was hampered early when Pokie kicked over the bucket, but you can't cry over spilt milk, so the contest continued.
Hoover went next, and the smart money in the clubhouse was on him, given that he owns a farm that has cows on it. His cattle, though, he said were beef cattle, so they are not milked.
"The most recent animal I milked was a goat," Hoover said.
Chafin was the final contestant, and he started off slowly, before picking up steam later on. It was not enough, though.
"I could have done better," Chafin said. "I lost. I'll do better next time."
Did he learn anything from the experience?
"Yeah, if I want cow milk to call Hoov," Chafin said.

After the milk was poured into the measuring cups, Hoover was declared he winner and given the rather large trophy, which he said would be placed in his locker.
"It might just stay there for a while," Hoover said. "Then, it's going to have a nice place on our farm."
Pokie declined to comment on the results.
Shamrock Farms donated a tanker truck filled with 6,000 gallons of milk to Feeding America member St. Mary's Food Bank in Phoenix.