Trout '100 percent' not getting traded

December 5th, 2023

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Angels general manager Perry Minasian ended any speculation that superstar could be traded this offseason, as he answered definitively when asked about it on Tuesday at the Winter Meetings.

“Mike Trout will not be getting traded,” Minasian said. “100 percent.”

It’s not exactly a surprise, considering Trout has a full no-trade clause and remains under contract through the 2030 season, making $37.1 million per year. But there had been some early reports in the offseason that indicated there was at least a chance Trout could be moved.

Minasian, though, made it very clear that he views Trout as a major part of the club’s roster and that he’s not going anywhere. The Angels have no plans to rebuild and have vowed to be aggressive in improving the club this offseason, with re-signing fellow superstar Shohei Ohtani their top priority.

Trout, 32, was limited to just 82 games in 2023, as he sustained a left hamate bone fracture on a swing on July 3 and only played in one more game the rest of the season. He tried to return on Aug. 22, but it was still too painful and he suffered a setback.

Trout, a three-time AL MVP, was named an All-Star for the 11th time in his career, but he had a down year by his standards offensively, slashing .263/.367/.490 with 18 homers, 14 doubles and 44 RBIs. Minasian, though, pointed out that Trout was heating up prior to his hamate fracture, and the GM believes he would’ve finished the year strong if he were healthy.

“The year wasn’t over,” Minasian said. “Let me put it this way, I would’ve bet my house he would’ve had a better second half than his first half. But he just didn’t get that opportunity. I think it was just a freak injury that took a long time to heal.”

Minasian also added that he has no plans to move Trout off center field, as he doesn’t believe it’s the reason why he’s dealt with injuries in recent years. Trout has actually improved in most defensive metrics over the past few seasons, and the Angels have not approached him about changing positions.

“Right now, he's our center fielder,” Minasian said. “He’s had injuries, but I don't necessarily believe it's because of playing center field. His hamate injury was not because he was tracking balls in center field. But if we asked Mike to play left, right or even third, he’d do it. It’s about the team and making it as good as it gets. But we haven’t had any discussions.”

Minasian said he’s spoken to Trout several times since the 2023 campaign ended, as Trout is always interested in what the club’s plans are for the offseason. New manager Ron Washington said he also talked with Trout, and he views him as an essential leader for the club, along with Anthony Rendon.

“Those conversations went extremely well,” Washington said. “I feel great about the leadership. I think when you look back on the history of their career, it shows that they are able to lead. Leading happens in many ways. ... You lead with your presence. You lead with your performance. I want them to understand when they're not performing, just lead with your presence.”