Home To First


Home to First readings measure the time elapsed from the point of bat-on-ball contact to the moment the batter reaches first base. Statcast has the ability to filter Home to First readings, which can be useful when attempting to discern a hitter's ability to "beat out" a ground ball hit to an infielder. In some scouting circles, a hitter's Home to First time on infield ground balls is sometimes referred to as "dig speed."

Players with the fastest times generally tally the most infield hits. Said players also tend to force defenses into committing errors, as fielders must rush to retire the speedy runner at first base.

As left-handed hitters stand closer to first than right-handed hitters, they are generally represented well on Home to First leaderboards.

In A Call

"He got to first in X seconds," "home to first in X seconds," "he got down the line in X seconds"