Fast-swing Rate


Statcast defines a “fast swing” as one that reaches a swing speed of 75 MPH. A player’s “fast-swing rate” is simply showing the percentage of all of his swings that did reach 75 MPH. In the first month of 2024, 23% of all swings qualified as a ‘fast swing.’

Fast-swing rate

Why 75 MPH? Similarly to how a hard-hit ball is one with 95 MPH+ of exit velocity as that’s where it begins to “matter,” 75 MPH of swing speed is where you see per-swing production reach league-average, with gains then accruing as swing speed increases (to a point). The difference between a hard swing and any slower swing that did not reach 75 MPH was considerable – there is great value in swinging harder.

Fast swing

.307 BA // .603 SLG // .389 wOBA // 52% hard-hit rate // +0.6 run value per 100

Not a fast swing

.246 BA // .369 SLG // .266 wOBA // 35% hard-hit rate // -3.2 run value per 100

You may view the current season’s fast swing leaderboard here.