Guardians Youth Programming

Presented by Cleveland Clinic Children's

Simplifying the Process (baseball development)

"Two things: First, the enthusiasm and friendliness of the coaches. They were all much better with kids than other camps we've been to. Secondly, I liked the cues, anagrams, etc. that were provided for different skills, complete with visual explanations in their camp book. These types of cues are the kind of thing my son identifies with the most and can learn from the best. I'm grateful to have a foundation from camp in terms that we can continue to work on going forward"


"I really appreciate the coaches and all of their hard work. I loved that everyday they met the kids by greeting them by their name as they walked into camp. The coaches were very friendly and upbeat. Great experience. Coach Tommy was awesome with my son."

Cuyahoga Falls

Igniting Passion for the Game

"Coach Kata runs a fantastic program. Coach Pepsi, Tommy, and Anthony brought such amazing energy and instruction to camp. After attending camps for the last few years, these coaches and programs have inspired my daughter to play softball and my son to work harder at baseball, all while keeping the ACE mindset (which we employ at home now too!). Thank you so much for a terrific opportunity. Hope to see you all next year."

Cuyahoga Falls

"This was a really great experience for our son and added to his love of the game of baseball. He improved quite a bit over just five days of skills instruction and we appreciate the focus on attitude and life choices (staying active) that reinforce our efforts to make him a well-rounded kid."

Cleveland Heights

Building Character

"My son enjoyed all the skills stations. He shared that they were fun while learning. The boys in his group were all open to making new friends and it was a great group/team."


"The positive energy and environment! Life lessons are learned and reinforced with the ACE philosophy. I valued the opportunity for my son to practicing and improve the baseball fundamentals with professionals. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with the kids by offering this summer camp."


Overall Experience (organization, etc.)

"I wasn't able to be there to as much as I would have liked, but on the last day I came for the closing and LOVED how much positive re-enforcement was used. Focusing on ATTITUDE, CONCENTRATION and EFFORT -- was amazing. I love that this was a focus for the camp! The camp also seemed extremely well organized!"


"I appreciated all the thought and organization that went into this program, but, mostly, I valued the coaching staff. I think they are really what made my son's experience memorable. Lead by coach Kata, the staff remained positive, caring and fun for the kids throughout the entire week."