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Power Rankings: Who's top among final four?

October 15, 2021

If baseball’s postseason was like the NCAA college basketball tournament, it’s highly likely there would not have been a single perfect bracket left in contests by the time the final four was set. A couple of teams that have advanced to their respective League Championship Series were expected to be

Power Rankings: How playoff teams stack up

October 3, 2021

Are we having fun yet? After an exhilarating regular season that took all 162 games before the postseason field could be set, we’re on to October -- the real October, when the stakes are high, nerves are shot and every pitch of every inning matters. With that, we present our

Power Rankings: Down to the wire

September 27, 2021

Teams are clinching postseason positions now as we enter the final week of the regular season, and that's solidifying their spot in the top tier of the Power Rankings. The Rays, who clinched their second straight American League East title on Saturday with a win over the Marlins in

Power Rankings: Rivals set for photo finish

September 20, 2021

The NL West race has been as spectacular as advertised all season, and it’s barreling toward an even better finish as the regular season enters the home stretch. One game separates the Giants and Dodgers, and it’s possible that it’ll take more than 162 games to decide the division winner.

Power Rankings: Wild playoff push on deck

September 12, 2021

And then there were ... three? Looking at each division race plus the Wild Card chase, it looks like there are still three that are up for grabs: the NL West and both Wild Cards. In the NL, the club that doesn’t win the West among the Giants and Dodgers

Power Rankings: Top 5 gets new member

September 7, 2021

With four weeks remaining on the schedule, there are still a few key races to keep an eye on. While leads in the AL East (Rays), AL Central (White Sox) and NL Central (Brewers) are all but wrapped up, things are still unsettled in the NL East, where the Phillies

Power Rankings: Yanks surge, NL West rules

August 29, 2021

Because the Yankees recently won 13 straight and have had a month-long stretch that has catapulted them into two races, it’s been easy to overlook that other team in the AL East division race that managed to keep the Yanks’ surge in check. Yes, the Yankees are in the midst

Power Rankings: All eyes on Wild Card races

August 22, 2021

The Wild Card races are growing increasingly more interesting, even in the National League, where the top spot is all but sewn up by the team who doesn’t win the National League West. The Dodgers are in first place in the NL Wild Card race by 9 1/2 games, so

Power Rankings: Races heat up in August

August 15, 2021

Here come the Yankees? The season can probably be separated into two categories for the Yanks, with a 70-30 split: It’s been frustrating around 70 percent of the time, and the other 30 has been ... less frustrating? But things are looking up for the Bronx Bombers, and as we

Power Rankings: New, but familiar No. 1

August 9, 2021

The first week of August is a big one in baseball. It kicks off the stretch run in earnest, as the standings take shape and the playoff implications for games become clearer. Rivalry matchups start to mean a little more. Winning and losing streaks have a more decisive impact on

All the big trades reorder Power Rankings

August 1, 2021

There’s no perfect time to start watching Wild Card races in earnest, but the end of the Trade Deadline always seems to be a good marker. In a way, it serves as an unofficial signal that we’re deep into the season, and it’s OK to examine those standings with a

Power Rankings: Watch the AL Wild Card

July 25, 2021

The American League Wild Card race is packed with teams that most of us have come to expect to be postseason contenders over the years. But there are also a couple of newcomers that have jumped into the mix, including two from the AL West division: the Mariners and Angels.

Power Rankings: New No. 1 after first half

July 15, 2021

We use the term “first half” loosely, because, obviously, all 30 teams passed the 81-game mark more than a week ago. But the All-Star break -- and the days immediately following, before play ramps up again -- provide the perfect time to gauge where teams are and what they have

Power Rankings: New No. 1 on quite a rise

June 27, 2021

It took a while, but the team with the best record in baseball -- and the first to reach the 50-win mark -- is now in the rightful top spot of our weekly Power Rankings. Let’s take a look at where the Giants started, and where they are now. They

Power Rankings: Shakeup thanks to AL East

June 20, 2021

It would be overstating things to say the Rays are panicking in the wake of a season-high losing streak, but it’s also worth noting that they are promoting Wander Franco, the No. 1 prospect in all of baseball two years running (per MLB Pipeline), just as they’ve lost six games

Power Rankings: Top 2 in familiar territory

June 14, 2021

Is it too early to start talking about Wild Card races? Because in the National League, this fight to the finish could end up being a doozy. Through Sunday, the Dodgers have the lead for the top spot in the NL Wild Card standings, but just by a hair. They

Power Rankings: New club conquers No. 1

June 6, 2021

Though it’s still considered very early in the season, a few division races are becoming clearer, with some shaking out as predicted before the season started. The American League West, for example, is essentially a two-team race between the A’s and Astros, the only two clubs in that division with

Power Rankings: New team enters Top 5

June 1, 2021

A few weeks ago, most of the chatter surrounding the Cubs centered around who they could reasonably deal away when the time came to be Trade Deadline sellers. When May began, they were fifth in the National League Central and five games behind the Brewers for the division lead. That

Power Rankings: Who's new No. 1?

May 17, 2021

Six weeks into the season, the American League East division is shaping up to be one of the more intriguing races, and for the best possible reason -- no fewer than four teams are proving to be legitimate contenders, and there’s no default involved with how things are shaking out

The new No. 1 atop the Power Rankings is ...

May 9, 2021

Our Power Rankings voting panel has had a wide variety of opinions so far, and it’s rare when all of us have one definitive view on where a team should rank. For the most part, until recently, the only thing we all agreed on was that the Dodgers were the

Power Rankings: Who surged into Top 5?

May 2, 2021

Month No. 2 of the 2021 season is underway, and while it’s still a little early to draw long-lasting conclusions about anyone, it’s not so early that we can’t start acknowledging that some teams’ starts deserve to be looked at not as flukes, but as signs they may be on

Hot clubs rising in latest Power Rankings

April 26, 2021

As the first month of the season nears a close, the National League West Division is proving to be as interesting as expected, but for more reasons than the obvious Dodgers-Padres showdown that has given us everything we wanted, and a little more on top of that. Most of the

Big jumps, drops in latest Power Rankings

April 18, 2021

We’re headed into the third full week of the season, and things are shaking out exactly how we drew it up. The Mariners and Royals are tops in their divisions, the Reds have the second-highest run differential in baseball and the Yankees are off to their worst start in nearly

The first Power Rankings of regular season

April 12, 2021

This early into the season, what have we learned? Don’t be silly -- the season’s 162 games long. We haven’t learned anything yet. But, we’ve seen some trends that, if they continue, should be fun to follow over the course of the season: Four out of the five teams in

2021 Power Rankings ahead of Opening Day

March 30, 2021

Opening Day every year is special, but you’ll excuse us if we correctly assume there will be something exceptionally spectacular about the first day this time around. We don’t need to rehash all of the reasons why something as normal as the start of a baseball season should bring us