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Power Rankings presented by Benjamin Moore

Two teams gained 9 spots in Power Rankings

1:11 AM EDT

It’s still April, which means the overused trifecta of “it’s still early,” “it’s too early to panic” and “they’re off to a slow start” is not quite ready to be shoved to the back of the sock drawer just yet. It truly is much too early to glean a lot

Power Rankings: Hot, cold starts shake it up

April 14, 2019

If the Dodgers were predicted to be the best team in the National League West, the Padres were targeted to be the most interesting. A little more than two weeks into the season, they’re proving to be just that. While much of the country is trying to figure out what’s

MLB's hottest lineup tops latest Power Rankings

April 8, 2019

It’s time to reveal our second Power Rankings of the new season, and judging from the dramatic shifting of more than a dozen teams from one week to the next, it’s clear that the only thing that our voting panel can agree on is that we agree on almost nothing.

Here are the 1st Power Rankings of 2019

March 24, 2019

Which divisions will be the most compelling in 2019? It may be a tossup between the National League East, which boasts four legitimate contending teams, and the NL Central, primed for another three-way dogfight between the Cardinals, Cubs and Brewers -- with the added twist of an improved Reds team.

Power Rankings: Astros reclaim top spot

September 23, 2018

All we ask, as baseball fans, is for a handful of division and/or Wild Card races to still be undecided heading into the final week of the season.Are you having fun yet, Brewers/Cardinals/Cubs/Rockies/Dodgers/A's fans?A week is a short span of time, but given how close things are, and the head-to-head

Power Rankings see a top 10 newcomer

Red Sox, Astros, Yankees remain steady as Nos. 1-3
September 16, 2018

As expected, one of the six divisions was decided last week, officially closing the book on what was essentially a one-team race all season.Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians, American League Central division champs for the third year in a row, and, barring the unlikeliest scenario that the Twins win the

Power Rankings: Surging clubs crowd races

Brewers, Rox rise amid hot stretches as postseason battles heat up
September 10, 2018

By this time next week, one division race will probably be wrapped up, with a second possibly nearing completion as well.The Indians are the only team in baseball with a single-digit magic number to clinch a division. As the only over-.500 team in the American League Central, any combination of

Power Rankings: Who's primed for final stretch?

September 3, 2018

Maybe the 2018 season wasn't supposed to go this well for the Braves and Phillies, but with the final stretch having officially arrived, the National League East division title clearly will go to one of these two upstart teams.The Nationals had a lot to do with this. As their disastrous

Power Rankings: Rockies climb

August 26, 2018

Over the past week, the National League Wild Card situation has become a little clearer, but for those who are fans of nail-biting postseason races and stressful Septembers -- good news! The playoff picture is still a delightful, jumbled mess.At this point, it's safe to realistically eliminate the teams that

Power Rankings: Cards surge, Dodgers slide

August 19, 2018

If we've learned anything the first 4 1/2 months of the season, it's that the races that have yet to be decided are both plentiful and intriguing, and the final six weeks -- with an emphasis on the last two -- are setting up to be wildly entertaining.The American League

Power Rankings: No. 1 Red Sox see rivals jump

August 12, 2018

It wasn't that long ago that the American League East race was a tight one between two teams that were each on pace to exceed 100 wins.Things have changed quickly. The division still features two clubs projected to exceed the century mark, but the gap between the first and second

Power Rankings: Phils join Top 5, Yanks slide

August 6, 2018

The Oakland A's can't actually win the American League West ... or can they?The easy answer is no; while the A's have had a phenomenal six-week stretch, they couldn't possibly surpass the mighty Astros, owners of the second-highest win total and the most powerful starting rotation in baseball.But ...The A's

Power Rankings: NL West makes waves

July 30, 2018

The National League West race was predicted to be one of the best in baseball when the season started, and with two months remaining, that division features three teams locked in an air-tight scrum, all jockeying for position for the top spot.The Dodgers, after a terrible start, have in more

Power Rankings: Which club is the new No. 1?

July 19, 2018

As the second half gets underway -- and we use the term "half" lightly, considering teams have already played around 95 games -- interesting storylines surrounding the 15 or 16 teams that are realistically in contention are everywhere.In the National League East, three clubs have taken turns with occupying the

Can anyone topple Astros in Power Rankings?

Reds make debut in Top 20; Mariners, Angels, D-backs drop
July 10, 2018

As little intrigue as there is in the American League Wild Card race at this point -- though the resurgence of the Oakland A's, now six games behind the Mariners for the second spot, is making things slightly more interesting -- the National League, more than halfway through the season,

Power Rankings: New club streaks into Top 5

Mariners rise coming off back-to-back series sweeps
July 1, 2018

The main argument in favor of the one-game Wild Card playoff goes something like this: If you don't want to play in a one-game playoff, win your division. And if you're not good enough to win your division ... well, tough.It's a mostly justifiable rationalization, though this year, losing the

Behind 11 straight, Astros top Power Rankings

Houston replaces fellow AL powerhouse Yanks at No. 1
June 17, 2018

More than a week and a half ago, the Astros, coming off a win, departed for their longest road trip, and they were essentially in a neck-and-neck tie with the Mariners in what is turning out to be delightfully interesting American League West race.Houston returns home with an 11-game win

Power Rankings: 2 contenders make big leaps

Mariners, Nationals on the upswing
May 29, 2018

Raise your hand if you predicted that 50-plus games into the season, the Astros and Brewers would have identical records.There's nothing unusual about seeing the defending World Series champions sitting atop their division, as the Astros are in the American League West, with a 34-20 record. But the Brewers have

2 clubs make huge leaps in Power Rankings

It's about time for Mets, Nats; Braves, Phillies coming into peak year
May 22, 2018

Entering this season, we knew the National League East race was bound to be a dogfight that involved two teams. Two months in, the division is indeed one of the most competitive in baseball -- it just involves more than just the usual suspects, the Nationals and Mets.Wouldn't it be

Power Rankings: Big shakeup and a new No. 1

Yankees supplant Red Sox (who slide to No. 3); Nats, Cubs crack top 5
May 15, 2018

At the quarter mark of the season, more than half of the teams have records of .500 or better, and in two divisions, four of five clubs are posting winning records.Through play on Monday, 17 teams were at the .500 mark or higher. In two of three divisions in the

Old rivals meet while atop Power Rankings

No. 2 Yankees hosting No. 1 Red Sox; Cards climb into top 5
May 8, 2018

The last time the Red Sox and Yankees met nearly a month ago, tempers flared, a fight broke out and one of the best and oldest rivalries in baseball was back with a vengeance.Of course, that's not to say the competitive spirit between the two teams ever goes away. But

Power Rankings: 2 teams make double-digit leaps

Astros back on top; Braves, Bucs rise into top 10
April 30, 2018

When the Pirates and Nationals began their three-game series in Washington on Monday, one of them was in a fight for first place. The other had just a few wins more than the last-place team in their division.It's unlikely many could have predicted it would be the Bucs with the

Power Rankings: There's a new top dog in NL

D-backs slide past Mets in Senior Circuit; Red Sox maintain No. 1 spot overall
April 24, 2018

This week's Power Rankings begin with a tip of the cap to several teams who are exceeding most preseason expectations placed upon them, and who could find themselves with higher positions in this space as soon as next week if they keep up this pace.First up is the Athletics, who

There's a new No. 1 in latest Power Rankings

Red Sox take over top spot; Mets, Angels also gain after strong weeks
April 17, 2018

Prior to Opening Day, it was a foregone conclusion that the Astros would run away with the American League West title, though maybe not so much by a landslide 21 games as they did in 2017.If early-season performances are any indication, there may actually be a race in the AL

Initial 2018 Power Rankings begin with champs

March 27, 2018

Every new baseball season carries with it a healthy dose of interesting storylines, but doesn't it seem like 2018 has even more intrigue than years past?Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton playing together in baseball's biggest market. Shohei Ohtani's aspirations to succeed as a two-way player. Bryce Harper inching toward free