"I wanted to take time to reach out to you and thank you. I am one of many umpires that attends the youth academy. I attended during the one week clinic MLB had for umpires. The program was so beneficial to me and my baseball aspirations. There aren't many times you get to take instruction and learn from MLB umpires, which made the experience worth investing in. Clinics like these are rare, and I just wanted to tell the department it was an amazing one.

Meeting locals like Malachi, Jesse and Richard and seeing them succeed was inspiring. Malachi even invited me to his weekly umpire training prior to the camp, which helped me prepare tremendously. Umpiring is very difficult, and staying sharp must come with repetitions of drills. Being able to work on my skills everyday made me feel more confident going into the camp. Preparing with minor league umpires on a weekly basis gives your program credibility. I enjoyed and listened closely to all the insight these professionals had to offer.

I am one of many young baseball dreamers. I wanted to tell the department what they have going has keep me pushing. Thank you."

R.E., 2013 MLBUC Attendee

"Again, I want to thank (the staff at) MLB for the honor of spending a few days with you at the MLB Umpire Camp this past week. (MLB) assembled a team of umpire instructors that did everything to make this a unforgettable experience and equip me with the skills and confidence to maximize my potential as a umpire."

J.C., 2012 MLBUC Attendee

"I just wanted to personally thank you for the opportunity to participate. I not only had a great time with the staff, but felt like I connected well with the other participants and learned a TON about my approach to working a high level of baseball. I really appreciate the opportunity."

C.D., 2011 MLBUC Attendee

"The Major League umpires were all so positive and I couldn't help but notice how their personalities came though. It was also admirable how their patience showed with some of the guys who weren't quite getting it."

K.A., 2010 MLBUC Attendee

"The camp was outstanding along with the academy, and of course the staff. I enjoyed my time and gained much out of it."

J.R., 2010 MLBUC Attendee

"If I had known about it before it would have been on my bucket list. Can't tell you how much fun I had ... I did my first game yesterday and had more confidence and attitude than ever. Had a great time."

R.C., 2010 MLBUC Attendee

"I wanted to say THANKS for making the last week such a great event."

D.D., 2009 MLBUC Attendee

"I came in as a confident umpire and left with even more confidence with better skills and constructive feedback on things I can still work on. The staff was informative, patient encouraging and just plain nice."

T.J., 2009 MLBUC Attendee

"What a wonderful opportunity it was for me to learn from the best. All staff members were excellent in teaching the mechanics of umpiring. I know my work this upcoming high (school) season will improve greatly because of what I learned."

P.M., 2009 MLBUC Attendee

"I found Mark Letendre's (umpire health & fitness) classes to be an outstanding tool for wellbeing."

P.H., 2008 MLBUC Attendee

"All instructors were easy to talk to. All showed great passion and made learning fun."

2008 MLBUC Attendee

"Very impressed with the number of ex-MLB umpires on staff and their enthusiasm and willingness to help, teach and coach all umpires."

2008 MLBUC Attendee

".... the rules and handling of situations discussions in the classroom were also a valuable experience. Major League Baseball should feel proud of putting together a such great staff."

C.R., 2008 MLBUC Attendee

"The camp is the definite highlight in my umpire career and something I will treasure the rest of my days."

M.G., 2007 MLBUC Attendee

"... the entire experience was absolutely invaluable. I am confident that I have become a better umpire, and I cannot wait to apply my new skills this spring."

T.M., 2007 MLBUC Attendee

"It was a truly amazing experience that was made possible by you and the staff. My wife was impressed how warmly we were welcomed."

2007 MLBUC Attendee

"The instructors and staff have made this the best training experience in my military and civilian careers."

D.T., 2007 MLBUC Attendee

"This was a great opportunity of a lifetime ... being trained by the best in the business ... two hundred-plus years of (MLB) experience (on the staff). You can't beat that."

J.A., 2006 MLBUC Attendee

"For umpires, the MLB Umpires Camp is the same as if a baseball player would get instruction from the players at an All-Star Game. The instructors here are All-Stars. If you want to learn from the best, this is the place you want to be."

J.G., 2006 MLBUC Attendee

"I wanted to let you know that the week I just spent at MLBUC was an experience of a lifetime. I learned a lot and made many friends during the week. As I was driving home Saturday night, I found myself missing the experience and I was only 20 minutes away. Thanks again for a rewarding experience. The lessons I learned this past week will help me in my umpiring for many years to come. I am so looking forward to the start of high school and college baseball this season, as well as passing what I learned on to our youth umpires."

R.M., 2006 MLBUC Attendee