Padres extend manager Green's contract

Skipper's deal was set to end after 2018; now through '21

August 13th, 2017

LOS ANGELES -- The Padres have extended the contract of manager Andy Green through the 2021 season, adding three additional years to the original deal, which was set to expire after '18.

Green is in his second season at the helm of the Padres, the Majors' youngest team. He's posted a 119-159 mark in that time. Terms of the deal, announced Sunday, were not disclosed.

"There's nothing else I'd rather be doing," said Green. "In my mind, this was the easiest thing in the world to say yes to."

The move brings continuity to a Padres squad with a number of young players under team control for the next half-decade. Franchise building blocks like , , and won't become free agents until after the 2022 season.

The Padres also are regarded as owners of one of the sport's top farm systems. General manager A.J. Preller left no doubt that Green will be the man to lead the Padres as those young players in the organization begin to make a greater impact.

"With Andy going into potentially the last year of his deal next year, we wanted to make sure he knew the faith we had in him as a group," Preller said. "Having Andy here and having people understand that he's the guy that's going to lead us, that's really important. I think it sends a message to the industry, it sends a message to your team."

Executive chairman Ron Fowler echoed that sentiment in a statement released by the club on Sunday morning.

"Andy is invested in the development of our players at all levels, both as athletes and as people," Fowler said. "His managerial style is characterized by intelligence, preparation and integrity, and he has continually proven himself to be the right person to lead this young team. We look forward to him managing, motivating and teaching the many waves of talent that we know are on their way to San Diego."

Green's extension had been in the works for months. But negotiations heated up during the All-Star break. Preller noted the deal was never in much doubt.

"In this case, it really was just me and Andy, sitting down, talking, making sure that he was happy and that we're on the same page from a big-picture, philosophy standpoint," Preller said. "It was a pretty quick process, honestly, to be able to get a contract in place."

Despite Green's overall record, the Padres have made obvious progress over the past few months. Since their 15-30 start to the season, they were 36-35 entering play Sunday against the Dodgers.

Green has played no small role in helping to stabilize a young club.

"Everything he does, you realize, 'Man, this guy's sharp,'" Hedges said. "The decisions he makes are quick. He's just a really, really smart guy. He's very poised, under control, and I think he brings the team together really well."

Green received a bit of criticism earlier this week for his decision to insert Brad Hand mid-at-bat against Joey Votto -- which Preller was asked about during his conference call.

"At that point, we were thinking about rescinding the deal," Preller said wryly, before noting that the decision represented one of Green's biggest strengths, in his eyes.

"You want guys that are creative and bold and have feel and have gut," Preller said. "I encourage him, in all areas of the job, to continue working that way."

Green said he's never felt anything but support from the team's front office. Sunday's announcement merely served to reinforce that notion.

"It's great people, top to bottom, from ownership to A.J. and everybody that works in the organization," Green said. "There's no place I'd rather be. Obviously, I'm thrilled about it. Now, it's just back to work."