Starters in Bold. Rookies in Italics.

Note: from 1959 to 1962, there were two All-Star Games, but sometimes players only participated in one of the games.

2023 Mitch Keller (P), David Bednar (P)
2022 David Bednar (P)
2021 Adam Frazier (2B), Bryan Reynolds (OF)
2019 Josh Bell (1B, started at DH), Felipe Vázquez (P)
2018 Felipe Vázquez (P)
2017 Josh Harrison (INF)
2016 Starling Marte (OF), Mark Melancon (P)
2015 A.J. Burnett (P), Gerrit Cole (P), Andrew McCutchen (OF), Mark Melancon (P)
2014 Josh Harrison (OF), Andrew McCutchen (OF), Tony Watson (P)
2013 Pedro Alvarez (3B), Jason Grilli (P), Jeff Locke (P), Mark Melancon (P), Andrew McCutchen (OF)
2012 Joel Hanrahan (P), Andrew McCutchen (OF)
2011 Kevin Correia (P), Joel Hanrahan (P), Andrew McCutchen (OF)
2010 Evan Meek (P)
2009 Zach Duke (P), Freddy Sanchez (INF)
2008 Nate McLouth (OF)
2007 Freddy Sanchez (INF)
2006 Jason Bay (OF), Freddy Sanchez (INF)
2005 Jason Bay (OF)
2004 Jack Wilson (SS)
2003 Mike Williams (P)
2002 Mike Williams (P)
2001 Brian Giles (OF)
2000 Jason Kendall (C), Brian Giles (OF)
1999 Ed Sprague (3B)
1998 Jason Kendall (C)
1997 Tony Womack (2B)
1996 Jason Kendall (C)
1995 Denny Neagle (P)
1994 Carlos Garcia (2B)
1993 Jay Bell (SS), Andy Van Slyke (OF)
1992 Barry Bonds (OF), Andy Van Slyke (OF)
1991 Bobby Bonilla (OF), John Smiley (P)
1990 Bobby Bonilla (OF), Barry Bonds (OF), Neal Heaton (P)
1989 Bobby Bonilla (3B)
1988 Bobby Bonilla (3B), Andy Van Slyke (OF), Bob Walk (P)
1987 Rick Reuschel (P)
1986 Rick Rhoden (P), Tony Pena (C)
1985 Tony Pena (C)
1984 Tony Pena (C)
1983 Bill Madlock (3B)
1982 Tony Pena (C), Jason Thompson (1B)
1981 Mike Easler (OF), Phil Garner (2B), Bill Madlock (3B), Dave Parker (OF)
1980 Jim Bibby (P), Phil Garner (2B), Dave Parker (OF), Kent Tekulve (P)
1979 Dave Parker (OF)
1978 Willie Stargell (1B)
1977 John Candelaria (P), Dave Parker (OF), Rich Gossage (P)
1976 Al Oliver (OF)
1975 Al Oliver (OF), Jerry Reuss (P), Manny Sanguillen (C)
1974 Ken Brett (P)
1973 Dave Giusti (P), Willie Stargell (1B)
1972 Steve Blass (P), Roberto Clemente (OF), Al Oliver (OF), Manny Sanguillen (C), Willie Stargell (OF)
1971 Roberto Clemente (OF), Dock Ellis (P), Manny Sanguillen (C), Willie Stargell (OF)
1970 Roberto Clemente (OF)
1969 Matty Alou (OF), Roberto Clemente (OF)
1968 Gene Alley (SS), Matty Alou (OF)
1967 Gene Alley (SS), Roberto Clemente (OF), Bill Mazeroski (2B)
1966 Roberto Clemente (OF), Willie Stargell (OF), Bob Veale (P)
1965 Roberto Clemente (OF), Willie Stargell (OF), Bob Veale (P)
1964 Smoky Burgess (C), Roberto Clemente (OF), Bill Mazeroski (2B), Willie Stargell (OF)
1963 Roberto Clemente (OF), Bill Mazeroski (2B)
1962 Roberto Clemente (OF), Dick Groat (SS), Bill Mazeroski (2B)
1961 Smoky Burgess (C), Roberto Clemente (OF), ElRoy Face (P), Dick Stuart (1B)
1960 Smoky Burgess (C), Roberto Clemente (OF), ElRoy Face (P), Bob Friend (P), Dick Groat (SS),
Vernon Law (P), Bill Mazeroski (2B), Bob Skinner (OF)
1959 Smoky Burgess (C), ElRoy Face (P), Dick Groat (SS), Bill Mazeroski (2B)
1958 Bob Friend (P), Bill Mazeroski (2B), Bob Skinner (OF), Frank Thomas (3B)
1957 Henry Foiles (C)
1956 Bob Friend (P), Dale Long (1B)
1955 Frank Thomas (OF)
1954 Frank Thomas (OF)
1953 Murry Dickson (P)
1952 Ralph Kiner (OF)
1951 Ralph Kiner (OF)
1950 Ralph Kiner (OF)
1949 Ralph Kiner (OF)
1948 Frank Gustine (3B), Ralph Kiner (OF), Elmer Riddle (P)
1947 Frank Gustine (3B)
1946 Frank Gustine (3B), Rip Sewell (P)
1945 No Game Was Played
1944 Vince DiMaggio (OF), Bob Elliott (3B), Rip Sewell (P), Frank Zak (SS)
1943 Vince DiMaggio (OF), Rip Sewell (P), Elbie Fletcher (1B)
1942 Bob Elliott (3B)
1941 Bob Elliott (3B), Al Lopez (C), Arky Vaughan (SS)
1940 Arky Vaughan (SS)
1939 Arky Vaughan (SS)
1938 Mace Brown (P), Arky Vaughan (SS), Lloyd Waner (OF)
1937 Cy (Darrell) Blanton (P), Arky Vaughan (3B), Paul Waner (OF)
1936 Gus Suhr (1B), Arky Vaughan (SS)
1935 Arky Vaughan (SS), Paul Waner (OF)
1934 Pie Traynor (3B), Arky Vaughan (SS), Paul Waner (OF)
1933 Pie Traynor (3B), Paul Waner (OF)