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In order to place a deposit on Pirates 2018 Group Tickets and/or a 2018 Pirates Group Fan Experience Package, you must first read and agree to the Terms and Conditions displayed below.

When you click on the "I Accept / Place Deposit" button at the bottom, you will be indicating that you accept the Terms and Conditions.

You will then be presented with the opportunity to place your desired deposit.



This Agreement is between the Pittsburgh Pirates ("Pirates") and the Account Holder identified below who desires to purchase Group Tickets for the 2018 Pittsburgh Pirates season and/or experience a Group Fan Experience Package ("GFEP").

  1. Deposit: Account Holder acknowledges that all deposits are non-refundable. As soon as seats are assigned to Account Holder, an initial deposit equal to 25% of the total cost of the group outing will be due.
  2. Payment Dates: Account Holder acknowledges that full payment for Weekend games must be received by the Pirates no later than 45 days prior to the desired game. Full payment for Weekday games must be received no later than 30 days prior to the desired game.
  3. Reservation Changes: Account Holder acknowledges that subject to the minimum ticket purchase requirement below:

    (a) until 60 days prior to the desired game, Account Holder may return all assigned seats to the Pirates for credit to be used on future tickets, and

    (b) from 60 days prior to the desired game until final payment is made to the Pirates, Account Holder may return up to 20% of the assigned seats (up to a maximum of 50 tickets) to the Pirates for credit to be used on future tickets.

    After final payment is made, Account Holder may not return any assigned seats to the Pirates. Account Holder acknowledges that until final payment is made, the Pirates will make reasonable efforts to assign additional seats to Account Holder upon request for add-on tickets, but Account Holder is not guaranteed to receive additional seats.
  4. Dynamic Pricing: Account Holder acknowledges that 2018 Pirates group tickets are dynamically priced and therefore subject to change until final payments are received by the Pirates. Account Holders who reserve seats and pay an initial deposit will be guaranteed a fixed ticket price until January 1, 2018. If final payment is not received by the Pirates by January 1, 2018, the price of tickets for assigned seats may increase. Account Holders who purchase group tickets after January 1, 2018 or who are granted add-on tickets by the Pirates are subject to adjusted ticket pricing until final payment is received by the Pirates.
  5. Minimum Ticket Purchase Requirement: Account Holder acknowledges that eligibility for a GFEP is determined by the Pirates in their sole discretion based upon certain minimum ticket purchase requirements. By requesting a GFEP from the Pirates, Account Holder agrees to provide full payment to the Pirates by the date provided in Paragraph 4 above for at least the minimum number of tickets identified above. This Agreement authorizes the Pirates to charge Account Holder's credit card or to bill Account Holder for the balance due for the minimum ticket purchase requirement associated with the agreed upon GFEP. Account Holder acknowledges that it will not be eligible to participate in the desired GFEP if it fails to satisfy the required minimum ticket purchase.
  6. Account Holder is solely responsible for providing the Pirates with payment of the deposit and final payment by valid credit card, and Account Holder must update the credit card information used to pay for Pirates group tickets as necessary.
  7. Account Holder acknowledges and confirms that all information it has provided to the Pirates is true and accurate in all respects.