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Twins Diversity & Inclusion

The Minnesota Twins are committed to diversity beyond the idea of baseball. We believe when we take the field we play for everyone. This is why, eight years ago, the Twins organization created a department concentrated on building relationships and inviting all communities to connect with opportunities available through the Twins. Our approach is unique, working together with organizations like the India Association, Black Chamber of Commerce, Global Market, Green Card Voices, nonprofits like Twins Cities Pride, business corporations and the government with a message of unity and collaboration. Our message is one of respect and inclusion. We believe that we play 162 games, but we celebrate diversity 365 days of the year.

Together, we are a melting pot of dramatically different communities. Together, we are tightly knit. Together, we are Twins Territory. All cultures, all religions, all people. And that spirit of inclusiveness reflects everything we do, everything that happens at Target Field and beyond. Welcome to the true meaning of our game. Cheering as one, playing for all.