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Twins Diversity Connection

Jackie Robinson Day

On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson broke Baseball's color barrier when he made his historic MLB debut. A key component of this celebration is Jackie Robinson Day! Join us annually on April 15 as we celebrate and recognize all that Jackie did for baseball and beyond.

Jackie Robinson's 9 Values. Courage: Doing what you know is the right thing even when it is hard to do. Persistence: Working toward a goal and continuing to move forward even though you face obstacles or barriers. Justice: Treating all people fairly, no matter who they are. Determination: Staying focused on a path even though the path to its end may be difficult. Integrity: Sticking to your values, regardless of what others think you should do. Commitment: Making a promise and following through on it. Teamwork Working with other people toward a common goal.  Citizenship: Making a contribution that improves the lives of others.  Excellence: Doing the best that you possible can.


Roberto Clemente Day

The Roberto Clemente Award is the annual recognition of a Major League player who best represents the game of Baseball through extraordinary character, community involvement, philanthropy and positive contributions, both on and off the field. 2020 Minnesota Twins Award: Nelson Cruz

21 Volunteer Opportunities Around Twins Territory in Honor of Roberto Clemente Day   1.	Sponsor a meal for a first responder or healthcare worker 2.	Pledge to #BeKind21 3.	Sign up to be a poll worker 4.	Organize a drive for scarves, coats, hats, mittens, and donate them to a homeless shelter 5.	Help immigrants study for their citizenship exams 6.	Support our military and veterans 7.	Share your personal mental health store/Share a crisis hotline with those seeking support 8.	Send care packages to soldiers (Operation Shoebox) 9.	Donate to your favorite non-profit or school 10.	Have a school supply drive for students in need 11.	Help do research for a non-profit 12.	Make flashcards for students to study from 13.	Organize an aluminum can drive and recycle the cans. Donate the proceeds 14.	Clean up a trail at your local park 15.	Vote 16.	Bake cookies for a special holiday and deliver them to someone who would appreciate them 17.	Become a mentor to youth 18.	Teach children how to fix their bicycles and make sure they are safe 19.	Spread awareness of a cause or issue on social media 20.	Play a game of catch with a child 21.	Organize volunteers in your neighborhood to check in on ill, elderly neighbors

100th Anniversary of the Negro Leagues

SOMOS – Hispanic Heritage Month