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Cubs Baseball Summer Camps

Camp Curriculum

At Cubs Baseball Summer Camps, we share one ultimate goal, which is that every drill, swing, throw and eye-popping young fan experience is designed to unlock your child's personal best both on and off the field. Our custom-built camp curriculum, which is divided into five levels, was created to accommodate all levels of youth baseball players. From young beginners to travel-team participants, our curriculum uses small-group instruction to teach and reinforce baseball-specific skills. Over the course of the week, our curriculum builds upon itself to expose young players to new skills while simultaneously reinforcing the very fundamentals we've taught throughout the week.

Beyond the baseball-specific skills at Cubs Baseball Summer Camps, our curriculum focuses on the development of leadership and character-building skills that translate to success both on and off the baseball field. Our camp activities map to age-appropriate content in six critical developmental areas - emotional mastery, optimism, resiliency, self-efficacy, goal setting and determination - all aimed at inspiring each ballplayer's personal best and fueling their love of the game.

Cubs Baseball Summer Camp Levels

Young athletes perform best when they feel confident and comfortable, which is why we divide our campers into five age-appropriate levels. Each level teaches a unique set of skills and encourages its own level of competition. They also ensure our campers get a new Cubs Baseball Summer Camps experience each year!

Level One: In this level, our youngest ballplayers work on the fundamentals of the game while participating in competitions and fun activities to keep them engaged and excited. Campers in this level have amazing energy and a wide range of skill sets, and our staff is constantly working to create new and exciting activities that speak to their spark and meet them where they are in their baseball journey.

Level Two: As our ballplayers get older, they are likely experimenting with several different sports and activities. We know that any one of these hobbies could one day become their center of interest. In this level, our coaches strive to use baseball to teach lifelong lessons that will translate to anything your child decides to pursue in life.

Level Three: For ballplayers maturing alongside the game of baseball, this level of curriculum focuses on introducing proper pitching mechanics as many of our campers are transitioning to "player-pitch" in their leagues. In the batter's box, we place a strong focus on seeing the pitch out of the pitcher's hand to emphasize early pitch recognition.

Level Four: To match their evolving love of the game with increased baseball experience, this level focuses on speeding up the game of baseball for our older ballplayers. We increase the pace of play with unique, modified versions of the game of baseball, making it easier to keep our campers engaged from the first pitch to last.

Level Five: As some of our older ballplayers progress through the game, this level focuses on more "specialized" instruction from our coaching staff. Our coaches work to connect your child's passions with their desire to improve specific areas of their game by utilizing their baseball expertise to give campers the necessary tools to succeed in their respective Little League or travel ball organizations.