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Cubs Baseball Summer Camps

Camp Curriculum

The Cubs Baseball Camps curriculum is designed to accommodate all levels of youth baseball players from young beginners to travel-team experts, and every player in between, all through the fan experience of a lifetime for any young Cub fan. With a focus on the fundamentals of the game, players of all ability and experience levels can benefit from the small-group instruction as it develops and reinforces baseball-specific skills. Over the course of the week, the curriculum builds upon itself to expose young players to new skills, all in a spiraling method that simultaneously reinforces the very basics that they've seen throughout the week.

Beyond the baseball-specific skills of Cubs Baseball Camps, we focus on the development of leadership and character-building skills and lessons that translate to success both on and off the baseball field. We're dedicated to developing the personal best in each and every one of our campers, and to accomplishing this through the power of play, and the power of a team and sport that campers love. Our activities map to age-appropriate content in six critical developmental skills: Optimism, Resiliency, Goal-Setting, Emotional Mastery, Self-Efficacy and Grit - all aimed at inspiring campers' personal bests.