Mets / Willets Point Station

The best way to get to and from a Mets game is by riding the 7 subway or the Port Washington LIRR to Mets-Willets Point. It's fast, convenient and they stop just steps away from the front gate.


For weekday afternoon and all weekend games, there is local service only to the stadium. However, on weekday evening games, the MTA’s 7-diamond express service whisks you from Midtown Manhattan to Flushing in only seven stops. Customers attending night games, including weekends, benefit from a special “super express” service back to Manhattan.

Express trains leave Willets Point shortly after the conclusion of each home game and the service runs until about one hour after the game. Express trains are queued outside of Willets Point and arrive on the middle track every six minutes. These trains make only the Woodside stop between Mets-Willets Point and Queensboro Plaza, shortening the travel time by nearly 10 minutes compared with local service.

Express service on the 7-train is subject to change based on the MTA’s construction and repair schedules. Always consult for updates on changes to service at the stadium.


The Mets-Willets Point LIRR station is the second stop on all Port Washington lines coming from either Penn Station or Grand Central, after Woodside. Those traveling from Long Island or southern Queens on other branches can reach Citi Field by changing trains at Woodside, just a five-minute ride from the ballpark. See the LIRR section for more information and travel times. All Port Washington and Manhattan-bound trains stop at Mets-Willets Point on gamedays beginning approximately 3.5 hours prior to event start and continuing until approximately 3.5 hours after event ends.

LIRR Mets schedules:


For persons with disabilities, there are some important things to note in preparation for the trip to the Mets-Willets Point station, which is accessible only on game days and for special events.

Customers needing to use the station's accessible features must board the 7 local. Green lights illuminated in the shape of a circle around the 7 route marker identify the train as a local. Access is available from 90 minutes before until 45 minutes after baseball games and selected special events.

ADA access to the station is from Flushing-bound trains only. MTA Long Island Railroad customers must transfer at Woodside to/from the 7 to the game.

TO the game:

  • Exit the train through the right side doors (when facing the front of the train).
  • Take ramps to Roosevelt Avenue exit.
  • Cross Roosevelt Avenue at traffic signal on Roosevelt Avenue west of the station.

FROM the game:

  • Cross Roosevelt Avenue and take ramps to the Flushing-bound local platform.
  • Take Flushing-bound train one stop to Main Street.
  • At Main St, stay on board or transfer across the platform to the next departing Manhattan-bound train.

For more details, visit and click on "Take the Train to the Game"™ or you also can call New York City Transit, Long Island Rail Road or Metro-North via 511 from any phone in New York State. Simply say (at any time) MTA or the service you are interested in: Subways and Buses, Long Island Railroad or Metro-North. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, use your preferred relay service provider or the free 711 relay.

Please note: Backpacks may not be brought into Citi Field except as otherwise provided in the Citi Field Bag Policy. For a complete list of permitted bags please click the Read More button below.

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