Mic'd up Alonso equals endless entertainment

And no, his dog isn't named after Brodie Van Wagenen

March 4th, 2020

You know, from watching him on TV, that Pete Alonso is a dinger-mashing machine for the New York Mets. You know that he also has a thing for polar bears and likes taking his shirt off. But do you actually know the real Peter Alonso? The man behind the tater-throttling swing?

Well, on Wednesday, the first baseman was mic'd up during a Spring Training game against the Cardinals. And, as you can hear in the above video, we all were able to get into the mind of Pete. He clarifies that his pet dog is not named after his GM and, even after hitting a record 53 homers last season, he thinks he can still look stupid at home plate:

He also likes to broadcast his own games -- something we all did in our backyards as kids.

Of course, this is live TV, so there's always the chance for this ...

I mean, what do you expect from the guy with this kind of rallying cry? Alonso talked about the experience after the game.

If that wasn't enough Alonso content for you, there will be plenty more in store this season.