Fans coming to PNC Park are able to take advantage of the FREE Port Authority "T" service.

Light Rail

We recommend using the free "T" service that links Golden Triangle "T" stations to the North Side "T" station (diagonally across General Robinson Street from the PNC Park Home Plate entrance).

The "T" provides easy access to downtown for those fans living in the South Hills. There are over 1,900 parking spaces at South Hills "T" stations. Park there and ride the "T" to downtown. Get off at either the Wood Street or Gateway Center station and walk across the Andy Warhol Bridge (7th Street)* to PNC Park.

Here are some options:

First Avenue Garage ($5.00) and FREE "T"

  • From the EAST, SOUTH/WEST and NORTH (via I-376 Exit 1C to Grant Street and first right), park at the FIRST AVENUE GARAGE; and Enter the FIRST AVENUE "T" STATION from the 3rd floor of the Garage (or the ground level) and ride the FREE "T".

Mellon Garage ($5.00) and FREE "T"

  • From the SOUTH (via Liberty Bridge/Tunnel to Sixth Avenue) and NORTH (via Veterans Bridge to Sixth Avenue), park at MELLON SQUARE GARAGE; and Walk down Sixth Avenue to the WOOD STREET "T" STATION and ride the FREE "T".

Cultural District

  • If you park in the Cultural District, check for available parking spaces from the ParkPGH app, mobile devices ( and SMS/Text and Voice (412) 423-8980.

There is also FREE "T" SERVICE that links the North Shore ALLEGHENY "T" STATION to the NORTH SIDE "T" STATION (diagonally across General Robinson Street from PNC Park "Home Plate" entrance). For example, from the East, South/West and North, families with young children and persons with limited mobility can park in any of the green lots and shorten their walk by riding the "T" from the Allegheny Station.

The "T" is available for all 81 home games this season and the Pirates will work closely with the Port Authority to ensure a smooth experience for fans taking public transportation to and from the park.