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Vote 2020

Early Voting for Boston Residents at Fenway Park:

Thank you to all that voted at Fenway! Early voting at the ballpark has officially ended, but if you’re a Boston resident you can still find an early voting location by clicking here.

Important Massachusetts Dates:

Important Massachusetts Dates: Registration Deadling - Oct 24, Absentee Ballot Deadline to Request - Oct 28, In-Person Early Voting - Oct 17-30, Absentee Ballot Deadline to Return - Nov 3, Election Dat - Nov 3
Check Your Voter Registration:


  • In Person: Saturday, October 24th
  • By Mail: Postmarked by Saturday, October 24th
  • Online: Saturday, October 24th


  • In Person: Election Day at your polling station
  • By Mail: Postmarked by Tuesday, October 27th
  • Online: By Tuesday, October 27th


  • In Person: Election Day
  • By Mail: Must be received by Monday, October 19th

New Hampshire:

  • In Person: Election Day at your polling station
  • By Mail: Wednesday, October 21st

Rhode Island:

  • In Person: Sunday, October 4th
  • By Mail: Postmarked by Sunday, October 4th
  • Online: Sunday, October 4th


  • In Person: Election Day at your polling location
  • By Mail: Received by Election Day- If received the day before or of the election you may be asked at the polling location to resubmit if paperwork is not processed when you arrive to vote.
  • Online: Election Day- If you register the day of, your name may not appear on the checklist at the polling station, and you may be asked to complete the paperwork on site.
Become a Poll Worker:



Additional Resources: